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Dennis Rodman’s emotional Hall of Fame Speech

There have rarely been more polarizing figures in the NBA than Dennis Rodman [1]. While some admired his relentless, and selfless, approach to rebounding and defense, others chafed at his vainglorious self-promotion and indulgent behavior, both on and off the court.

Rodman rarely asked for forgiveness on either count and seemed to hover between two lives: entirely self-confident and filled with doubt. It was these two polar extremes that were on display in his Hall of Fame induction speech on Friday in Springfield that hovered between moving and at times almost despondent.

Rodman talked about the father that left him when he was five years old and sought to capitalize on his fame by writing a book about him but never seeking to make contact, while at the same time apologizing to his mother, wife and kids. “I had one regret,” Rodman said, choking up. “I wish I was a better father.”

His broke down often during his speech that also supplied some humor. Rodman relayed the story of his arrival in Chicago when coach Phil Jackson [2] asked if he’d like to play with the Bulls. “Go in the kitchen and tell Scottie Pippen [3] you’re sorry,” Jackson told him.

It has been said many times that we will never see another player like Larry Bird [4], Magic Johnson [5] or Michael Jordan [6]. That may be true, but it is practically assured that we will never see another personality like Rodman.

Dennis Rodman 2011 Hall Of Fame Speech (VIDEO) [7] by 3030fm [8]