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10 Things I Heard About Celtics II

08.16.11 at 12:07 pm ET

On another slow Celtics news day, there’s still plenty to learn about Boston’s green men. Here are 10 more C’€™s links of interest we discovered over the past 24 hours (the first “10 Things I Heard About Celtics” is here) ‘€¦

10. As SLAM noted, Celtics free agents and Louisiana natives Glen Davis and Von Wafer both made the top five plays from this past weekend’s Tournament of the Stars Basketball Clinic in Lake Charles, La. Big Baby’s post-clutch-3-pointer “big balls” dance is an instance classic, as is Wafer’s posterization. Both players would like to remain in Boston once the NBA lockout ends, and Wafer has already signed a one-year deal to play in Italy.

9. While every other NBA player tosses his name into the overseas rumor mill, Celtics captain Paul Pierce is content with his hobbies on vacation. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant‘s agents have been busy shopping him everywhere from China to Brazil, but Pierce can’t get enough poker, fishing and scheduling volunteer work — promoting his Truth on Health campaign on HGTV by making over his hometown Inglewood (Calif.) High’s athletic facilities on Aug. 20 and bowling with Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett and Celtics free agent Glen Davis in the 5th Annual Beckett Bowl on Aug. 29.

Of course, Pierce will play overseas — for his country. He and Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley will help form a United States All-Star team at the Continental Club Championships in Beijing from Aug. 20-28. Somehow I doubt Pierce will be earning $375,000 or whatever it is Bryant is seeking per week for his China sojourn.

8. Considering he was a fringe NBA player last season and has already played overseas for three separate stints, it should be no surprise that Celtics free agent Carlos Arroyo is among the players mulling offers from Spain and other European teams. We’ve already discussed why Arroyo could help the Celtics as a third-string point guard next season, but even these highlights from a Puerto Rican national team practice demonstrate Arroyo’s shortcomings, particularly on the defensive end (they also illustrate his innate passing ability)

7. The Rivers family appears to be doing just fine, thank you very much. We already learned Celtics coach Doc Rivers bought a $2.2 million penthouse atop the Four Seasons Hotel, but did you know he played a role in reuniting the legendary Boston-based J. Geils Band? The details from frontman Peter Wolf:

“Well, the J. Geils Band broke up a long time ago. It was artistic differences — no need to rehash all that. There was a terrible fire in Worcester, Massachusetts, where many firemen lost their lives. There was a benefit for the families of these firemen, and somebody called us and asked if we would participate. So, we called the whole band around, and that was the first time that we got together. Then, Cam Neely, who is the head of the Bruins, has a Cam Neely Cancer Foundation, for parents who don’t have the money to be with their kids while they’re getting treatment. He sets up housing for them, so we did a benefit for him. Then, last year, we were asked by Fenway Park to play with Aerosmith, which we did. Then this year, Doc Rivers of the Celtics asked us to be a part of a cause for him. We figured, since we’re getting together, let’s just do a bunch of cities because you never know when the last one is going to be and we’re all together. So, we’re doing about eight dates or so, but we have no plans after that, there are no plans to do anything beyond that.”

Meanwhile, take a look at the Twitter profile picture of Doc’s son Austin Rivers and find out what happens when you’re the nation’s No. 1 basketball recruit, set to start your freshman season at Duke University. His Wallace State Community College cheerleader girlfriend has the fortunate or unfortunate name of Brittany Hotard.

6. In case you missed TomSatchSanders‘ Hall of Fame induction speech, you can see it in its entirety here. Since Sixers guard Al Attles once told Sanders to “be brief, brother” when public speaking, the 33rd former Celtics player to be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame kept it to less than seven minutes. He briefly referenced the C’s: “The opportunity to play with the Boston Celtics and get to know a fantastic group of players — and outstanding front office people — was a highlight certainly of my career.”

By now, I’m sure you’ve read colleague Paul Flannery’s account of Dennis Rodman‘s emotional HOF speech, but did you know at least two former Celtics — including one Hall of Famer — didn’t support The Worm’s induction. From “The Hall of Famer was particularly incensed, recalling a game from long ago he watched where the Lakers employed some particular tactic against Rodman, he said, that revealed his shortcomings and rendered him virtually impotent.” (Is this the first time Rodman has been dubbed “impotent”?)

Who are these mystery men the Pistons scribe proceeded to pick apart, attributing their anti-Rodman stance to the Bad Boys’ “toppling of the Celtics dynasty”? Tommy Heinsohn? Cedric Maxwell? Kevin McHale? They are among the few that might be in the media room, but the duo goes unnamed in the story.

5. Following the release of songs “It’s Bout 2 Go Down” and “Mr. Magnificent” from his forthcoming “Lockout” mixtape, Celtics free agent Delonte West (aka Charlee Redz) debuted yet another track: “Livin Life Fast,” also featuring rapper KayeM. I’m pretty sure at one point he says, “In the ketchup, they call me Yellow Boy Mustard,” so here’s to hoping we see some No. 13 Celtics jerseys with “Yellow Boy Mustard” on the back at the Garden …

4. Like Pierce, Celtics guard Ray Allen has been busy combining his hobbies and charitable work — hosting his annual charity golf tournament in Connecticut. Here’s what he told reporters about the future of Boston’s Big Three, canceled season and NBA lockout be damned: “It’s not like we’re going to say we’re done and we’re not going to play anymore. I still have a lot left in me, and I’m sure Kevin Garnett feels the same. We’ll be ready to go.”

3. Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo put the whole Kendrick Perkins public intoxication fiasco behind him, playing in the first of two exhibition games between former University of Kentucky Wildcats and the Dominican national team on Monday night. Up to his old ways, he had six assists by halftime, although his team lost, 106-88.

As for the constant criticism of Rondo’s undeveloped jump shot, consider this note from current Kentucky and Dominican national team coach John Calipari: “That’s why he’s with the Celtics and other guys are not. Why? He’s in the gym at 11 at night shooting. Do you love it or not? And he does.” Food for thought.

This website broadcast Monday night’s exhibition game, so keep an eye out for Rondo the Wildcat in Game 2 on Tuesday night. Or you could just watch this YouTube video of Rondo the actual cat playing with chew toys along to audio of Rondo highlights. Meanwhile, watch this post-exhibition-game interview for classic Rondo comedy …

2. Celtics forward Kevin Garnett has begun his summer tour of China, promoting Anta shoes. His trip seems to be going better than LeBron James‘ journey to Taiwan, where he got his pocket picked and dunked on by a random Taiwanese player.

Meanwhile, Turkish basketball writer Mete Aktas implied via Twitter that Garnett could be mulling a Deron Williams-like deal to play in Turkey: “Besiktas Basketball Branch Chief Executive Seref Yalcin: ‘Kevin Garnett has expressed his interest to play for us.'” From what we know of Garnett, and this is just my speculation on this, it’s highly unlikely he’d chase a short-term overseas deal during the NBA lockout.

1. Apparently, Ray Allen‘s movie career isn’t limited to his role as Jesus Shuttlesworth in “He Got Game.” He also played Marcus Blake alongside “Entourage” star Adrian Grenier, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Sarah Michelle Gellar, Noxzema girl Rebecca Gayheart and ’80s cinema icon Eric Stoltz in “Harvard Man,” a 2001 film about a basketball player who “strikes a deal with the mob to fix a basketball game.” Awesome. Now excuse me while I go add this straight-to-DVD masterpiece to my Netflix queue …

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