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10 Things I Heard About Celtics III

08.22.11 at 4:18 pm ET

On another slow Celtics news day, there’s still plenty to learn about Boston’s green men. Here are 10 more C’s links of interest we discovered over the past 24 hours (Here are “10 Things I Heard About Celtics” I and II) …

10. By now, I’m sure you’re sick of all the random Rajon Rondo ridiculousness. One week the Celtics point guard is in Louisville. The next he’s in Las Vegas. Then Boston. And Alcatraz. If they don’t get this whole NBA lockout thing settled soon, he’ll be climbing Mount Everest and sailing the Dead Sea before you know it.

Rondo’s latest adventures involve a paycheck — but sadly no basketball. He scoffed at himself in Lakers gear for a Champs Sports commercial and donned a beret and ascot for a series of Foot Locker ads, revealing some classic Rondo “quickness faces” — The General, The Panther Stare and whatever the hell the third one is called (The Grand Millimeter?) — with his signature deadpan delivery. I also enjoyed this advice from Lesson No. 3:

“It’s the fourth quarter, your most bitter rival is about to step up to the line and shoot free throws that will end your season. Don’t let this go down. Get in his mind, talk some trash and wreak havoc.”

9. Even during the lockout, a week doesn’t pass without some sort of Dwight Howard speculation. The latest? Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer claims he’s been told by Magic CEO Alex Martins that a new collective bargaining agreement may include a more significant “Bird Rights”-like clause that would give Howard’s current team an even greater chance of retaining his services over teams like the Lakers or Celtics in 2012 free agency.

“One thing that might give some comfort to Orlando fans is that one of the thoughts in the new collective bargaining agreement is to give an advantage to teams who are trying to keep their incumbent players,” Dyer told the Orlando Sentinel. “That would allow the Magic, for instance, to offer Dwight more money than any other team and (entice him) to stay home.”

How significant that advantage might be for the Magic is obviously up for debate between owners and players.

8. Video game developer 2K Sports revealed their “15 greatest and most influential players in NBA history” that will be included in NBA 2K12. Two Celtics are among those 15 players: Bill Russell and Larry Bird.

What’s even cooler (more cool?) about this feature is the fact that each legend plays alongside his teammates against their most memorable opponents — complete with that era’s rules and shorts length. That means you get Bird and the 1985-86 Celtics against Dominique Wilkins, Doc Rivers and the Hawks. You also get Russell and the 1964-65 Celtics against Elgin Baylor, Jerry West and the Lakers.

Because Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is also featured among the 15 NBA legends, you get his 1986-87 Lakers against Bird, Danny Ainge and the rest of the Celtics from that same season. If not for the visual of the current Celtics president and coach in ’80s nut-hugging shorts, I couldn’t be more excited.

7. As if you weren’t mad enough at Troy Murphy for his lack of contribution to the Celtics this past season, here’s even more reason to have a gripe with the free agent forward: He’s at least partly responsible for the overplayed drama that was the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding this past weekend.

As ESPN New York noted, after Murphy suffered an injury in early November, Humphries started in his place on Nov. 10 against the Cavaliers — and totaled 13 points and 18 rebounds. At some point over the next few weeks, he started dating Kardashian and the rest was history. If Murphy hadn’t gotten injured, would he be the one earning $17.9 million for marrying the bulbous butted one? After all, they share a love for spray tanning.

6. Celtics forward Kevin Garnett wrapped up his tour of China on Saturday. As we discussed on Thursday, he’s been dunking on open baskets, playing table tennis, teaching physical education to Autistic children and promoting his Anta shoe line. Asked if he had considered playing overseas during the lockout, he added:

“I haven’t really given it much thought to be honest. I’m going to take in some offers when offers come or when I feel like it’s that time. Other than that, no, not at this time.”

Of course, Chinese Basketball Association officials have since restricted NBA players from signing in China during the lockout, so Garnett would likely have to sign in Europe should he give it more thought.


5. One day after his HGTV makeover of Inglewood (Calif.) High aired, Celtics captain Paul Pierce began his own tour of China — sharing video of his arrival as Chinese fans awkwardly chanted, “Hoo-rah Celtics!”

Pierce will be playing for the United States All-Star team in the Continental Club Basketball Championships until Aug. 28.

Coincidentally, Celtics coach Doc Rivers is also in China, avoiding autograph seekers as he watches his son Austin Rivers play on an exhibition tour for Duke University. Not to worry: Like Garnett, neither Doc nor Pierce can sign in China either.

4. Last we heard from Marquis Daniels, he was hoping to be cleared for contact drills at some point this month in order to continue his long road back from a spinal injury.

Well, here’s another encouraging sign: Daniels participated in a free celebrity all-star game at Sanderson (Raleigh, N.C.) High on Sunday as part of Hawks forward Josh Powell‘s 21 Reasons To Give weekend. Nuggets guard Raymond Felton, Wizards forward Josh Howard and rapper Ludacris also participated.

3. published a series of high school yearbook photos of famous athletes, and Larry Bird was among the chosen few. As you’d expect, he looks exactly like someone who would one day become a Celtics legend (or the exact opposite of that).

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and former Pats defensive lineman Richard Seymour are also among the 28 athletes featured in the photo gallery. You’ve got to love Brady’s senior quote: “If you want to play with the big boys, you gotta learn how to play in the tall grass.” And who knew he was a member of the trivia club for all four years of high school?

2. As you’ll recall, we mentioned that Delonte West tweeted about a job application to Home Depot last week after a judge ruled he could not seek work overseas as a result of his two-year probation from July 2010 weapons charges. Of course, anything that comes from West’s Twitter account has to be taken with a grain of salt, but apparently it’s all true.

In an interview with TrueHoop while serving as an assistant coach in the Goodman League’s win over the Drew League, West admitted that he not only applied to Home Depot but could pursue jobs elsewhere as well:

“I actually might have work with Sam’s [Club], BJ’s, selling knives. That’s pretty cool too. I get a microphone and everything.


“You gotta get with it, do something that you love. I’m an architect, I was an art major. At Home Depot, I get free discount on hammers and nails.”

It’s nice to see West has downgraded from shotguns to knives or even just your everyday hammer.

1. If you’ve never seen footage of Garnett dominating in high school at Farragut Career Academy (Chicago, Ill.), somebody posted footage last week on YouTube of him in a tournament at Proviso West High in 1994. He’s wearing No. 34 (The Truth foreshadowed?), already running the floor, throwing down alley-oops, congratulating teammates, tapping people in the nuts, dominating defensively, showing off his court vision, making jumpers from the corners and calling people nobodies (just kidding, all but two of those things are true). Now excuse me while I go upload highlights of me dunking on an eight-foot rim to YouTube …

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