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DeMar DeRozan: ‘Kevin Garnett’s got a dirty mouth’

08.23.11 at 4:43 pm ET

The matchup between the Goodman League and Drew League over this past weekend finally gave basketball fans a chance to watch a few NBA stars actually competing against each other, and what would a weekend of basketball be without at least some mention of Kevin Garnett and his dirty mouth.

The news that Garnett might swear once or twice or 10,000 times per game should come as no surprise to anybody that’s been watching the Celtics over the past four seasons. I’m sure you’ll recall his involvement in the Charlie Villanueva “cancer patient” incident or the Channing Frye nut tap fiasco.

The latest comes from Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan — likely a nobody in KG’s eyes — who sat down with The Basketball Jones blogger Holly MacKenzie after his contributions to the Drew League. Here’s the exchange involving Garnett, which also features his nod to Kobe Bryant as the game’s greatest competitor:

  • HM: Who is the fiercest competitor you’ve ever faced?
  • DD: Kobe.
  • HM: I don’€™t know if you can put this into words, but is there something about him when you’€™re playing him, where you know it’€™s different?
  • DD: Yeah. It’€™s just, if they’€™re down, if something is not going right, he’€™s just, he’€™s just going into that mode where it’€™s like ‘€œWe’€™ve gotta be up,’€ or ‘€œWe’€™ve gotta get a defensive stop’€ whatever has to go on, he makes sure he gets it done because he wants to win.
  • HM: Does he talk a lot, is he always barking out orders?
  • DD: Yeah, yeah. That’s all he does. He’€™s a general out there. He talks, he’€™s constantly talking on both ends. Keeping everyone on their feet. That’€™s one thing, I think that’€™s intimidating to a lot of players when one of the best players out there is just vocal, letting everyone know what’€™s going on, what to do. It’€™s tough.
  • HM: Is it similar to Kevin Garnett because he has that reputation for being such an intimidat’€“
  • DD: Yeah, but Kevin Garnett’s got a dirty mouth (laughs).
  • HM: Yeah? Go ahead, what were you going to say?
  • DD: (still laughing) I was just going to say, Kevin Garnett, he just don’€™t stop. Whatever you can think of, that’€™s what he says.
  • HM: Does he have the craziest things to say of anyone you’ve played against?
  • DD: Yes. Yes.

How much would you shell out to watch Pay-Per-View Celtics games with Garnett & Co. mic’d up?

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