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DeMar DeRozan: ‘Kevin Garnett’s got a dirty mouth’

The matchup between the Goodman League and Drew League over this past weekend finally gave basketball fans a chance to watch a few NBA stars actually competing against each other, and what would a weekend of basketball be without at least some mention of Kevin Garnett [1] and his dirty mouth.

The news that Garnett might swear once or twice or 10,000 times per game should come as no surprise to anybody that’s been watching the Celtics [2] over the past four seasons. I’m sure you’ll recall his involvement in the Charlie Villanueva [3] “cancer patient” incident [4] or the Channing Frye [5] nut tap fiasco [6].

The latest comes from Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan — likely a nobody in KG’s eyes — who sat down with The Basketball Jones [7] blogger Holly MacKenzie after his contributions to the Drew League. Here’s the exchange involving Garnett, which also features his nod to Kobe Bryant [8] as the game’s greatest competitor:

How much would you shell out to watch Pay-Per-View Celtics games with Garnett & Co. mic’d up?