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10 Things I Heard About Celtics V

09.06.11 at 6:25 pm ET

On another slow Celtics news day, there’€™s still plenty to learn about Boston’€™s green men. Here are 10 more C’€™s links of interest we discovered over the past few days (‘€œ10 Things I Heard About Celtics’€ IIIIII and IV) ‘€¦

10. It seems free agent point guard Carlos Arroyo has spent more time in the recording studio than on the floor for the Celtics this past season (190 minutes), as a couple of his new tracks are making the rounds. Meanwhile, back in Argentina, he’s been doing his best Rajon Rondo impression for the Puerto Rican national team during the FIBA Americas Championship.

Arroyo has averaged 16.5 points and 4.0 assists in 29.5 minutes as Puerto Rico has improved to 5-1 two games into the second round. Virtually assured of a spot in the semifinals, Arroyo could lead his home country to its first Summer Olympics berth since he helped Puerto Rico upset the United States in 2004.

“He’s our captain, the leader, the veteran,” said J.J. Barea, a Northeastern alum and member of the NBA champion Mavericks. “He’s been here for so many years, and he’s doing a great job leading the team.”

Interestingly, another local product — Auburn, Mass. native Javier Mojica — has also contributed to PR’s success. If you don’t remember Mojica’s riveting story, here’s a tremendous feature from 2007 on the Central Connecticut State walk-on and former Northeast Conference Player of the Year by The Globe’s Chris Gasper.

9. Try to forget the fact that the Celtics will enter the 2011-12 NBA season’s free agency period (if there is one) with Jermaine O’Neal as the sole center on the roster when you read this next sentence: Nenad Krstic has averaged 17.2 points per game for Serbia (4-1) during EuroBasket 2011.

Of course, the fact that he’s only grabbed 3.6 rebounds per contest should soften the blow that Krstic left the Celtics via free agency to sign a two-year deal in Russia, leaving the C’s with only restricted rights to Jeff Green as part of the Kendrick Perkins deal. Somewhere, the lone guy who bought a Krstic No. 4 Celtics jersey weeps.

8. I feel like we’re playing “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?” with all these international Celtics stories, but there’s one more before we move on to more pressing C’s items, like Kevin Garnett playing Call of Duty. Celtics second-round draft selection E’Twaun Moore scored 22 points on just nine shots (8-of-9 FGs; 5-of-5 from 3-point range) for Benetton Treviso (Italy) in an exhibition game against the Fraport Skyliners (Germany).

Moore made 44.7 percent of his field goals and 40.0 percent of his 3’s as a Purdue senior, so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he won’t continue to shoot 88.9 percent — and 100.0 percent from 3 — as a professional. And I’m sure you’re wondering: How many points did Brian Scalabrine score for Benetton Treviso? Six. Six is good.

7. What’s this you say about Kevin Garnett playing Call of Duty? He and Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook each led a team of military servicemen against each other in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 at the Call of Duty XP event in Los Angeles over the weekend. Here’s what Garnett told Dan Patrick about video games:

Dan Patrick: How serious are you when you’re playing?

Kevin Garnett: You know what? When it comes to war games, I’m like any other competitor. Well, I’m competitive. I can’t even sit up here and say that. I get mad when I die or get killed off or when I’m playing Madden or I’m playing FIFA or I’m playing NBA2K. When I’m playing something like that, I’m competitive, so I can’t say that I’m less than from when I’m playing.

DP: Would you be a good teammate in this?

KG: I’m a great teammate. I’m a great teammate in anything.

DP: Well, I would want you on the floor with me, but I don’t know in video games. Do you go crazy with your strategy?

KG: I don’t go crazy with my strategy. I’m conservative, but a teammate should be the same in anything. When you’re a teammate, you’re there to provide some assistance, some strength, vice versa, support. That’s what I am. I just hate when you get with guys who are not team. I’m a great teammate in anything.

DP: Would you get T’d up for your language?

KG: In video games? All bets are off. You gotta have video game talk, and trash talking is part of it.

6. Speaking of the Celtics and video games, Celtics of new and old are everywhere in the NBA 2K12 trailer. Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, Larry Bird and even Bill Russell. There’s something strange about Russell being in a video game. His basketball legacy belongs in grainy videos, our fathers’ stories and in the rafters above the Garden parquet — still intimidating Celtics opponents. Not trying to block Mark Blount in a video game.

Then again, there’s something pretty cool about being able to maneuver Russell against Jerry West, Elgin Baylor and the 1964-65 Lakers. All I ask is that his player rating is a perfect 100.

5. You won’t find Dr. Jack Doherty in a version of NBA 2K any time soon, but he’ll be remembered by the Celtics players like Russell he treated during that same historic run in the 1950s and ’60s. The Globe’s Gary Washburn penned a fitting obituary to the 84-year-old former surgeon and World War II veteran who served as team doctor for nine championship teams in 10 years.

Doherty stumbled into that role by chance after he saved the life of then-Celtics owner Walter Brown. He left the C’s in 1969 — the same season Russell did — but not before the greatest winner in sports history visited the doctor’s Needham home. Here’s how one of Jack’s 13 children remembered the visit:

‘€œHe’€™s walking in the doors of our house, he is ducking, his head and shoulders are above our doorway. It was just amazing, it was like giants and munchkin-kind, it was just phenomenal.’€™’€™

4. Kevin Garnett continued his tennis-themed offseason by taking in some U.S. Open action between Serena Williams and Ana Ivanovic on Labor Day. Considering Blake Lively also attended the Open and Marissa Miller appeared at the Call of Duty XP event over the weekend, KG was in some pretty fine company the past few days. In fact, Ivanovic isn’t so bad herself.

So, when will Garnett commit to watching tennis and hanging with the beautiful people full time in retirement? As he did during the Dan Patrick interview, he again deftly dodged that question in an interview with The Globe, revealing instead that he wanted to retire in Boston:

‘€œI want to finish my career as a Celtic. This is it. I don’€™t plan on bouncing from team to team, that’€™s not really the plan. Hopefully, God willing, I can finish my career out with a classful organization as Boston. I don’€™t want to downgrade. I want to continue to be where I’€™m at. This is the first option and hopefully the only option.’€™’€™

3. Gary Washburn was busy over the weekend, even chatting up Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino about the possibility of bringing the NBA All-Star Game to the city for the first time since 1964. Outside of speaking in dangling modifiers by confusing himself with the actually City of Boston, Mumbles actually made some sense:

‘€œThe Celtics would have to be the applicant for it, and as a city, I would endorse the idea. As a city, I would endorse the idea of bringing it here with the Convention Center folks, get all the entities in our city working together to make sure the All-Star Game is a first-class game that people participate in and neighbors could participate. I just think it’€™s long overdue.

‘€œThe change in ownership, the change of attitudes, the change of spirit in our city — I look forward someday to having the NBA All-Star Game here and I hope the Celtics in the very near future make the application.’€™’€™

What do you know — another money-making opportunity for Wyc Grousbeck and the Celtics owners.

2. Two of the six Celtics under contract for the 2011-12 NBA season — Jermaine O’Neal and Avery Bradley — have reportedly committed to two weeks of competition in September for the Impact Basketball Competitive Training Series in Las Vegas, according to The New York Times and ESPN New York, respectively. Garnett, Rondo, Paul Pierce and Glen Davis have also trained with Impact in years past.

1. With the Garnett trade and the topic of Celtics team doctors coming up in conversation over the past few days, I couldn’t help but think of the “Cheers” episode with Hall of Famer Kevin McHale — who helped facilitate the KG deal as general manager of the Timberwolves — and faux Celtics Dr. Walter Froenmeyer, who scammed Sam Malone & Co. out of $10,000. Now excuse me while I go tell some French Lick jokes over a tall one …

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