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No biggie: Celtics saving lives and catching crooks

Maybe the Celtics are just too busy saving lives and leading people to tips on America’s Most Wanted to bother with the NBA lockout.

Yeah, that’s the big ticket.

Celtics strength and conditioning coach Bryan Doo helped save a Belmont man’s life with CPR and a defibrillator during a pickup basketball game at Newton’s Hyde Community Center on Wednesday.

“The only part that made me nervous is when the machine said press the button, shock him,” Doo told WCVB TV [1], adding, “The point is I think anybody could have done it. I think I was there, and it happened to be me.”

Affectionately dubbed “B-Doo” by Kevin Garnett [2] and other Celtics players, he has served as the team’s strength coach since 2003. Doo lives in Waltham with his wife Brianna, daughter Mikayla Jade, his dog Bella and cat Ichiro, according to the Celtics media guide.

Meanwhile, across the country, a Las Vegas man is claiming he tipped the FBI to JamesWhiteyBulger‘s whereabouts three years ago while walking the pier on vacation in Santa Monica after hearing America’s Most Wanted fugitive yell at a guy in a Celtics shirt.

“I noticed him because he looked like the sketch I saw on the show,” Keith Messina told Newscenter 5 [3]. “But then I heard him yell at a guy in a Boston Celtics [4] shirt, ‘€˜Where are you from?’€™ and I was really sure it was him.”

The authorities reportedly never acted on the tip, and now Messina is suing the FBI for the $2 million reward after Bulger was captured in his Santa Monica rent-controlled apartment following another tip this past June.

I’m not sure which is more shocking — that the FBI didn’t bother to respond or that Bulger was hanging out on the Santa Monica Pier, yelling at folks from Boston. Do you know how many cops hang out around that pier?