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Irish Coffee: Kevin Garnett bleeps everything up

10.18.11 at 11:18 am ET

Wake up with the Celtics and your daily dose of Irish Coffee ‘€¦

Yahoo! Sports columnist Adrian Wojnarowski piggybacked the ESPN reports over the weekend that Celtics forward Kevin Garnett‘s involvement in collective bargaining negotiations may have disrupted a potential 50/50 split of basketball-related income between NBA owners and players. The C’s-related portion of Woj’s piece:

This fight has grown nastier, more personal, in the past weeks. Privately, management insists that everything changed when the Celtics’ Kevin Garnett walked into the negotiating room on Oct. 4. The owners knew it wouldn’t go well when Garnett started glowering across the table, sources said, like the league lawyers, owners and officials were opponents at the center jump. He was defiant, determined and downright ornery. He was KG. Everyone knew Hunter had to cede to the wishes of the stars, and the stars demanded that the players stop making concessions to the owners.

As one league official said, “We were making progress, until Garnett [expletive] everything up.”

Colleague Paul Flannery and I had a brief e-mail exchange on the subject, and I couldn’t agree with him more: Are we really going to believe that by fixing the owners with a KG stare that they packed up and went home?

Owners and players will sit down with federal mediator George Cohen on Tuesday. In an appearance on CNN, NBA commissioner David Stern indicated that the meeting could be one of the most significant days of the lockout. Here are some highlights of that interview (via The New York Times):

  • The good: “We would push as hard as possible to be up and running in 30 days.”
  • The bad: “We keep negotiating and we keep losing games in the calendar.”
  • The ugly: “If there’s a breakthrough, it’s going to come on Tuesday. And if not, I think that the season is really going to potentially escape from us, because we aren’t making any progress.”

Calling a potential 50/50 split “a very thin deal for the NBA,” Stern also stressed three needs of the owners: 1) “an opportunity to be profitable,” 2) “a more robust revenue sharing plan” and 3) “a system that allows small market and large market teams to tell their fans: ‘We can compete if we’re well managed.'”

In related news, a group led by billionaire Joshua Harris bought the 76ers for a mere $280 million.


A week ago, I asked the question: Given the amount of charity games taking place in cities across the country — with Celtics players participating everywhere from Florida to China — would it be too much to ask someone to organize an exhibition game in Boston?

Comcast’s A. Sherrod Blakely asked Rajon Rondo the same question during the C’s point guard’s recent appearance in Boston. Rondo’s response: “Not yet.Guys maybe looking at me to do it. But I don’t know yet.”


ESPN’s Marc Stein tweeted early Tuesday morning, “Word is Shanghai also wanted Delonte West.” As you may recall, the Celtics free agent guard said over the summer that a judge ruled he could not sign overseas as a result of his ongoing probation. …

Celtics backup point guard Avery Bradley sat out his Israeli team’s season opener, a 99-96 victory against Bnei Hasharon on Monday. Hapoel Jerusalem’s next game is slated for Sunday, so stay tuned for Bradley’s debut. …

Celtics guard Ray Allen will join coach Doc Rivers on the fairways in the Children’€™s Miracle Network Hospitals Classic pro-am in Orlando on Thursday and Friday. Here’s a prop bet for you: Will Allen play more rounds of golf or NBA games before Christmas?

(Have a question, concern or conception for tomorrow’€™s Irish Coffee? Send a message to @brohrbach on Twitter.)

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