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10 Things I Heard About Celtics IX

On another slow Celtics [1] news day, there’€™s still plenty to learn about Boston’€™s green men. Here are 10 C’€™s links of interest we discovered over the past few days (‘€œ10 Things I Heard About Celtics’€ I [2]II [2]III [3]IV [4]V [5]VI [6]VII [7] and VIII [8]).

10. I’m not sure why I think these “how to pronounce” videos are so hilarious, but they crack me up every time. The embedded one on Celtics second-round draft pick E’Twaun Moore [9] is the best. Each member of the 2010-11 C’s gets the pronunciation treatment, but the JaJuan Johnson [10], Paul Pierce [11], Rajon Rondo [12] and Avery Bradley [13] ones are the best of the bunch. Am I the only one who finds these funny?

As an aside, Moore is averaging 6.7 points on 50 percent shooting, 3.3 rebounds and 1.3 assists in 26.3 minutes over three games for Italian club Benetton Treviso. Speaking of second-round Celtics draftees, Gabe Pruitt [14] was picked fourth overall in the NBA Development League Draft by the Sioux Falls Skyforce. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be playing in Italy than South Dakota.

9. While the lockout robbed Celtics fans of hearing Tommy Heinsohn’s dulcet tones during the canceled season opener on Tuesday night, at least the Worcester Telegram’s Bill Doyle let Heinsohn’s voice be heard [15]. After all, he was in NBPA president Derek Fisher‘s shoes once.

God, do I miss NBA basketball. It’s sounds like Tommy does, too. I think we can all agree with colleague Paul Flannery’s most recent column [16]: “Has this really all been worth it?”

8. Former, current and future Celtics will participate in a trio of exhibition games over the next two weekends.

Restricted free agent Jeff Green [17] is scheduled to play in the Monster Slam Pro Exhibition  Game [18] in Atlanta on Saturday. Hawks [19] Joe Johnson [20], Josh Smith, Jeff Teague [21] and Damien Wilkins are expected to be joined by Green, Michael Beasley, Rudy Gay [22], James Harden [23], Derrick Favors [24], Jarrett Jack [25] and Shannon Brown [26].

C’s first-round pick JaJuan Johnson [27] is slated to participate in the “King of the Castle [28]” on Sunday. Johnson will play with fellow Knox Indy Pro-Am stars Zach Randolph [29], Eric Gordon [30], Gordon Hayward and George Hill, among others. They’ll face a team led by Mario Chalmers [31] that is expected to include John Wall [32], Josh Selby, Brandon Rush and Brandon Knight [33], among others.

Finally, free agent point guard Carlos Arroyo [34] is currently listed among the participants in Dwight Howard’s charity game [35] on Nov. 13, although he recently missed the Pan American games with a hamstring injury.

7. While Avery Bradley [36] is still listed on the Hapoel Migdal Jerusalem team website, Eurobasket.com reported [37] that the Celtics backup point guard elected not to extend his short-term contract with the Israeli club and will return to the U.S. on Tuesday. Bradley is averaging 14.0 points in two games overseas. We shall see if he participates in a third contest on Saturday, when Hapoel Jersualem hosts Elitzur Netanya.

6. Calling all Rajon Rondo [38] fans: You and a friend could hang out with the Celtics point guard in Boston. As Rondo said in this “Red Bull Assist [39]” promotion, “Fly how I fly. Stay where I stay. Play where I play.” If I were Rondo, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable if someone like Aztec Gino [40] won this contest and stayed where I stay.

5. I can’t really picture Glen Davis [41] in China, and neither can he. NIUBBall.com reported [42] earlier this week that Chinese club Zhejiang Guangsha engaged Big Baby in “back-and-forth talks,” but the Celtics free agent ultimately decided to wait until the NBA lockout ends.

‘€œTalks were really, really close. Really, really close,’€ Davis told CSNNE.com [43]. ‘€œI want to stay here in the States and try to wait it out and see if we can start playing some basketball soon. … That was one of my biggest fears, being locked over there watching NBA games. My dream was to play in the NBA and that’€™s the only place I see myself.’€

As for his future with the Celtics, Davis added, “I would love to be in Boston. I would love to be in Boston if the opportunity was there. But if it’€™s not there, I can’€™t sit there and just cry about it. I’€™ve got to [go] somewhere else.”

My favorite part of what was a fantastic interview conducted by Jessica Camerato was this revelation by Davis.

“I was watching the cartoon movie ‘The Incredibles’ and the heroes weren’t wanted by the people anymore, so now they have to blend in and be regular people. The guy on the cartoon was working at a desk job and he didn’t like it. He wanted to be a hero and that’s all he knew he wanted to be. And that’€™s how we are. We’€™re considered heroes in the community and for somebody to take your super powers away, how do you deal with somebody taking your super powers away?”

Not only was Davis watching “The Incredibles,” but he’s thinking, “Hey, that guy’s a lot like me.” Big Baby indeed.

4. A strange TMZ-esque Celtics item that qualify as Reasons No. 869 why the lockout needs to end ASAP: E! Online actually put together a list of 15 Super Sexy Basketball Hunks [44], and under Paul Pierce [45]‘s picture is this description, “Stare into his eyes and try not to feel a love connection. Not only is Pierce an incredibly attractive hunk of man (in case you couldn’t tell) but he’s also a nine-time NBA All-Star! Not too shabby, sir.” Huh? Is this still real life? The only enjoyable part of that drivel is this Freudian slip next to Kobe Bryant [46]‘s photo: “Front and center on our list of the sexist [SIC] NBA hunks.”

And Reason No. 870: Jermaine O’Neal [47]‘s is selling his $3.55 million home [48] in Henderson, Nev., complete with an indoor basketball court. The oddest part about this real estate listing is a pair of photos from his living and game rooms  — both of which appear to be showing clips of O’Neal playing for the Pacers. Does he just constantly watch highlights of himself? If only he had a bowling alley in his home [49] like Pierce.

3. Every day, there’s a new revelation from Shaquille O’Neal [50]‘s book written by Jackie MacMullan, “Shaq Uncut,” and Boston.com revealed [51] a number of Celtics-related excerpts.

I can’t wait for the Mike Brown era to begin in L.A. Although, considering the good folks over at Red’s Army completely debunked Shaq’s claims [59] about Davis in a fantastic play-by-play analysis of the two games in contention, it’s hard to believe a word Shaq utters about his Celtics tenure. I’m sure people in Orlando, Los Angeles, Miami and Phoenix would agree.

2. According to several published reports, the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association are holding their next collective bargaining session on Saturday, but at least two Celtics are among a group of 50-plus players who participated on conference calls this week to discuss the potential of decertifying the union — a move that might either pressure the owners to accept a deal in the next 45 days or cost everyone the 2011-12 NBA season.

As ESPN.com reported [60], “The most vocal player on both calls, sources said, was Boston’s Paul Pierce. Those same sources identified Miami’s Dwyane Wade [61] as another vocal participant Thursday, with Orlando’s Dwight Howard [62] and Boston’s Ray Allen [63] also speaking up Tuesday.”

Meanwhile, C’s free agent Glen Davis tweeted [64], “Take the 51% man and let’s play.” Of course, Big Baby was referring to a 51-49 split of basketball-related income between owners and players that never reached the bargaining table, although Mavericks owner Mark Cuban‘s brother Brian Cuban responded [65] (h/t CBSSports.com [66]), “The owners are publicly not at 51 percent but I suspect they have 1 percent in their back pocket to close this out.”

All this business is extremely confusing, but one thing is clear: Nobody is on the same page.

1. It’s tough to top last year’s Top 10 Celtics Halloween costumes [67], but we’ve rounded up the Top 3 from this past Monday. Now excuse me while I try to create a Big Baby as Mr. Incredible [68] costume.

No. 3: The Pierce family Halloween, in “Toy Story” garb: Paul Pierce as Buzz Lightyear, his wife Julie as Barbie, their 3-year-old daughter Prianna as Woody and their infant daughter as Mrs. Potato Head.

No. 2: Jessica Simpson as a pregnant mummy and fiance Eric Johnson of Needham (Mass.) as Larry Bird [69], complete with short shorts and Chuck Taylors. Johnson last played in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints [70], but this might be his greatest accomplishment.

No. 1: This random girl as Ray Allen‘s mother, Flo [71]. No words necessary. Amazing. (h/t LucidSportsFan [72] and WEEI.com’s own D.J. Bean [73]).