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Rajon Rondo rocks a mean fedora and says ‘I’m sure I’ll be OK’


If ever a player knew how to play it cool, it is Rajon Rondo [1].

Every Celtics [2] fan thought the worst Wednesday night and had nightmarish flashbacks to last spring when he bent his left arm in a way it’s not supposed to bend in Game 3 against the Heat.

So when he took a nasty spill Wednesday night, breaking his fall with his right hand and wrist, there was legitimate reason to be worried.

With just over two minutes remaining in the third quarter Wednesday night, Rondo drove to the basket and was knocked to the ground by Linas Kleiza of the Raptors. Rondo said he is “day-to-day” with a sore right wrist, an injury he said afterward “hurt more” than the grotesque dislocated elbow he suffered against the Heat in the second round of the playoffs last spring.

“This was different,” Rondo said, sporting a cool black fedora. “This was more painful, honestly. The other one was just more of a shock.”

‘€œHonestly, I was laughing right afterwards,” added coach Doc Rivers [3]. “I wasn’€™t [concerned] at first because I thought he was trying to get the flagrant. I thought he was laying down, trying to ‘€“ you know. And then when he stayed down then I was concerned. But I didn’€™t know what it was. And then when I saw him grabbing his arm or hand I was thinking ‘€˜last year, playoffs’€™ obviously.’€

Rondo said he wasn’t sure of how bad the injury was at first.

“I didn’t know,” Rondo added. “I was just worried about my fall, really. That was my biggest concerned. I knew what a dislocated elbow felt like and it wasn’t that so I was thankful for that. My wrist was throbbing. It’s just day-to-day. See how I feel [Thursday]. Took a couple of Advil and I’m sure I’ll be OK.”

Rondo finished with a game-high 21 points as the Celtics snapped a five-game losing streak with a 96-73 win over the Raptors at TD Garden. He finished with just one assist, leaving the passing work up to Paul Pierce [4], who finished with a game-high seven assists in 23 minutes.

‘€œPaul kind of joked and told me ‘€˜let’€™s roll tonight’€™ and he would make the plays and I’€™ll just put it in the basket,” Rondo said. “I got some wide open looks at the rim, made some easy ones, made some tough ones. I was just trying to stay aggressive. I wanted to pick and choose my spots and I think I did a good job with the pace.’€

As for ending the five-game skid, Rondo said the win was desperately needed for morale.

‘€œWe needed a night like this,” Rondo said. “We talked about it before we started and we came out in the 3rd quarter and did what we had to do. This is the second-longest winning streak we’ve had this year.”