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Kevin Garnett: ‘Sometimes you need a swift kick in the [gluteus maximus]’

03.01.12 at 11:54 am ET

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett entered the locker room after receiving his massage, coming back down to earth or whatever it is that takes him an hour following each game to conduct his postgame interview, sporting a pair of Chrome Hearts glasses (approximately $2,000) he found around the house during the NBA All-Star break.

When a reporter jokingly suggested KG’s specs looked similar to his, the former MVP who has made a quarter of a billion dollars in his career and models himself after no one reminded everyone, “There’€™s only one Garnett.”

To remind yourself just how true that statement is, take the time to read Paul Flannery’s column after the C’s 102-96 victory against the Bucks, entitled, “The under-the-radar greatness of Kevin Garnett.” Note the rarefied company of possibly none KG joins in the eyes of veteran teammate Keyon Dooling and coach Doc Rivers.

There are glue guys, and then there is Kevin Garnett. Rarely will you hear that from the 14-time NBA All-Star, but it’s there if you read between the lines of Wednesday night’s postgame press conference.

  • On his doubters: “Point them out. Who said that? [Actually] don’€™t do that. I don’€™t want to make anybody uncomfortable.”
  • On his consistency: “I don’€™t need much motivation, man. Y’€™all don’€™t know me. Y’€™all don’€™t get to see me every day and my preparation and what I have to do to get ready.”
  • On his first technical foul (he had 11 last season): “Sometimes you need a swift kick in the ass. I thought the little tech — I haven’€™t had a tech all year, have I? — shook up the doghouse as we say, and I like that. It gave me a little energy. It doesn’€™t take much, but … I’€™m just trying to give my team an edge.”
  • On his recent two-game absence: “I’m going through some personal problems as of late, but I’€™m good and I’€™m back and I’€™m looking at life a little different and just beat up and all that and just giving all that I have. Nothing more and nothing less than that. Who cares what people say?”
  • On battling injuries: “I don’€™t think anybody in this locker room, and therefore in this league, is 100 percent. I think everybody that you see suit up every night takes a lot to deal with your own elements and pain and whatever it is. They don’€™t have enough pharmaceuticals, medicine to get us through some of this stuff, but you know what? It’€™s all heart. It’€™s all grit. It’€™s all about what’€™s inside you. It’€™s all about what’€™s driving you. That’€™s what we’€™re doing right now. A lot of this is just hard work and effort.”
  • On limiting turnovers: “It’€™s being smart. One of the things we talk about is cutting our turnovers down. I think we have a lot of times to blow a lot of teams out, but the reason why some teams are in some games is because we turn the ball over.”
  • Talking about practice: “I’€™m going to continue to say this, in another outfit as you rewind the tapes and see it again, you just can’€™t step on the floor without practice. Practice cleans all this up. It gives you a rhythm as a whole, and it makes you better. it makes you a lot more confident in a teammate and knowing what his spots are and just a different kind of continuity. When you know you’€™re turning the ball over, some of those passes are not so motivating, so we’€™ve just got to continue to take care of the ball and win these games, continue to see our heart and see how many games we can win through all of this.”
  • On secrets to their success: “If I had that, then I don’€™t think we’€™d be going through what we’€™re going through. If I know Doc, if he had that, he’€™d put it in a jar and give it to everybody to drink.”
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