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The Celtics need Greg Stiemsma to avoid foul trouble. (AP)

The Celtics need Greg Stiemsma to avoid foul trouble. (AP)

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  1. dmm1047 Says:

    The league should investigate and punish the Flames with loss of draft choices. Chiarelli got “chumped.”

  2. Tradegate Says:

    So Iginla was traded to the Penguins after the Flames agreed to trade him to the Bruins.

    I do wonder if Peter Charelli has any legal recourse here. Methinks tampering may be afoot. While it’s a long shot at best, it may just cost Calgary a Draft Pick to Boston.

  3. ILoveHockey Says:

    it may be distasteful but not tampering, they were in no exclusive talks and no contract had been finalized- falls under the catagory of duuuuuche move!

  4. Dan Pelletier Says:

    Screw iggy, fester and the pingwins. I’m sure mario (crybaby) lemieux called iggy and convinced him to go to pitt….

  5. GeoSTORM Says:

    I’m certain in the end, the Flames took what been reported as a package they liked less, late in the process, in consideration of/deference to a legacy player like Iginla……noticed that Feaster is a native of Pennsylvania…I’m sure that didn’t factor in at all, but I did notice that on his Bio, when I went to read up on this tool.

  6. TK Says:

    If anyone thought that the bruins were actually going to get Iginla they should have their heads examined. Too much $$$ is what it boiled down to. Jacobs isn’t going to pick up his salary. They aren’t going to add anybody of significance to the team at the deadline either, because that would mean a significant amount of money too. They MIGHT go after Ray Whitney, it would fit their M.O. – a 41 year old player at the end of his career who has been a healthy scratch in Edmonton for most of the season. The Bruins sell out every game and they always will, so why put more money into the team? That’s Jacobs only thought on it.

  7. mike Says:

    TK.. Listen up idiot. Ray Whitney plays for Dalllas.. Ryan Whitney, a local kid from Scituate plays for Edmonton.. He’s still in his 20s and plays defense. Go watch basketball or something

  8. bench warmer Says:

    Perhaps the Bruins players will take this personal and play pissed off the rest of the way.
    They have the talent, not the attitude.

  9. Bill_hicks Says:

    Folks, don’t you see it! Players got the Bio on the Bruins. They are a good team, but without Tim Thomas this team goes nowhere. All Bruins’ fans can do Is go to the TD and spend money on concessions for the Jacobs’ clan to to continue to build their fortune on your dime. Plus who would turn down a shot at playing with “Sid the Kid?” Just remember the lefty media and people of New England ran Thomas out of town and you may not see another performance like that again. Should have just let him spout off – it was his right. But, then again the liberal loves to tell you about tolerance until it doesn’t fit their agenda. The Jacobs thieves got wicked lucky. I said it before and I say it now. Bruins don’t get by the Habs and the Pens unless monster injuries hit those teams.

  10. Shoe bottom Says:

    Bring back Harry sinden

  11. Maz34 Says:

    Bruins got welched!

  12. wheeler Says:

    i agree the players were scratched, proving there was a deal

  13. For real Says:

    tim ran his self outof town

  14. boring media hype Says:

    The NHL in general is a trainwreck…always has been. No credibility in the rules, the way they conduct themselves and the overall product. The “Board of Governors” is a laughable bunch of ducken Canadians….that is all

  15. Kapp1971 Says:

    Whaler fans can relate. Just like the night good old Eddie Johnston ( yea, your old goalie) traded the heart of our team to Pittsburgh, and Pens went on to win 2 cups. At least you still have a hockey team!

  16. Brett Alexander Says:

    RASK is a beast. 2.02 GAA. Tim Thomas’ best year was a 2.00 GAA.

  17. Old Time Hockey Says:

    I haven’t said it before but I’m saying it now your an idiot.

    Bruins are 3 times the team Montreal is.

    If Tim Thomas was so good in the playoffs why did he lose 9 games. His performance was over rated. Yeah he won a couple of games and had a few highlight reel saves. He had several games where he gave up 3-4-5 goals. He gave 5 goals to Tampa in 4 different games. Was he responsible for the 8,5,4,4 goals that the Bruins scored at home against Vancouver. Time to give more credit to the rest of the team.

    as for this year the Bruins issue isn’t goal tending and therefore Tim Thomas would have no effect and why would real Bruins fans keep bringing up somebody that quit on the team.

  18. Old Time Hockey Says:

    Thomas did set an all time save percentage record the same year he had the 2.00 gaa and won the Vezina so I would settle down on a 30 game season

  19. Don from Maine Says:

    The Bruins sound like “Cry Babies”. Correct me if I’m wrong didn’t the Bruins have a deal with Philadelphia for “Saint Ray Bourque” and he changed his mind for Denver. Please just shut up you loser Chiarelli

  20. linda518 Says:

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