Doc Rivers has the back of Rajon Rondo » Doc Rivers, Rajon Rondo

Doc Rivers had the back of Rajon Rondo during and after a controversial Game 1 loss in Atlanta. (AP)

Doc Rivers had the back of Rajon Rondo during and after a controversial Game 1 loss in Atlanta. (AP)

Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers, right, yells from the sidelines, next to Rajon Rondo, left, during the third quarter of Game 1 of an opening-round NBA basketball playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks, Sunday, April 29, 2012, in Atlanta. Atlanta won 83-74. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

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  1. wheeler Says:

    i don’t get jagr with kelly and daugavins? horton deserves nothing.

  2. glenn88 Says:

    So you have problems scoring and the answer is Peverley and Soderberg out and Daugavins and Thorton in? And I am not saying Carl and Pev are great, but they are skilled players and when you have problems scoring can you afford them as healthy scratches?

  3. geektja0 Says:

    The coaching on this team is pathetic. That is all!!!

  4. anguillaman3 Says:

    Do you have a suggestion in terms of who should sit. Lucic does little to add to the scoring punch..he’s slow and gives up the puck a lot..I’d consider sitting Lucic.

  5. glenn88 Says:

    Sit Pandolfo, Thorton and Daugavins. Lucic has actually picked it up the past few games and he has a chance to do more than the 3 above.

  6. anguillaman3 Says:

    Hmmm, Pandolfo yes….I almost think that anyone can be more productive and less dangerous in terms of giving up the puck than LOOOOOCH.

  7. LuckyLou Says:

    I know how clutch Horton was in ’11, but he has sucked all year, and looked like a puss in his “fight” with Iggy. Pevs has better hands, is a better skater, passer, and two way player. He should be in, on third line with Kelly and whoever. Jagr should be with Krejci/Lucic. Looch looked like his old self Sat/Sun. Dougie should be in over Redden. I don’t understand how the average fan has a better understanding of this team than Claude? Maybe this is why he was fired from a first place NJ team prior to arriving in Boston.

  8. ed Says:

    He was on pace to score 25 goals in an 82 game schedule which isn’t far from what we expext from horton.

  9. ed Says:

    You fair weather fans drive me nuts. Go hop on and off someone elses bandwagon.
    Horton was on pace to score 25 goals which is about what we expect from Horton yes Lucic has stuggled but playing much better the last 2 or 3 games and soderberg has shown me nothing I’d rather have Daugavins in the line up.

  10. glenn88 Says:

    I thought Soderberg and Jagr looked good together on both the line and PP unit. I thought Carl looked pretty good working down low on the PP with Jagr. It seemed like they were starting to build some chemistry and Jagr went down with the flu. Bottom line is Daugavins isn’t going to help you in the goal department and this team’s main problem is scoring.
    BTW, if someone disagrees with you it doesn’t mean they are on a “bandwagon”. Anybody who reads DJ’s articles obviously has something more than casual interest.

  11. NYCBruinsFan Says:

    Rich Peverley a healthy scratch? WTF.

  12. tuuukka40 Says:

    Wow! Sit luc?? His physical presence on the ice is enough reason to not sit him in the playoffs. Everything was done correctly if u ask me minus sitting the pev dispenser. He lead the team with 3 goals and 5 points in there 6 game playoff run last year. Play pevs and leave the rest alone!

  13. tuuukka40 Says:

    X2! Julien is no dummy! He is a very good coach and knows what he is doing although i would of liked to see pevs over the daug but i bet we will in game 2

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