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Doris Burke on D&C: Expect Chris Bosh to play

06.05.12 at 10:36 am ET

Appearing on the Dennis & Callahan show Tuesday morning, ESPN basketball analyst Doris Burke addressed the controversy stemming from her halftime interview with Rajon Rondo in which the Celtics point guard said Heat players were “complaining and crying to referees in transition” during Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals on Sunday.

“To me, it was first of all, shocking that he would say that. It’s the kind of response you rarely get,” Burke said.

Following the game, Burke asked Rondo if he expected any reprecussions from what he said at halftime, to which he said he didn’t take back what he said. But after that interview was over, cameras revealed Burke and Rondo talking to each other, a conversation that appeared to be a misunderstanding between the two. Burke revealed the conversation on the air and what she thought was going on.

“If you recall how I ended the interview, I said – and this really wasn’t my place, I wasn’t in the analyst’s role, but it just popped into my head – I said, ‘Your play backed you up.’ It was sort of a gratuitious comment, frankly, in the position I was in, but it just popped into my head,” Burke recalled. “And I don’t think he heard me. I think he heard me say, ‘Back you up,’ and whether he thought I was referencing his teammates maybe in the next game because of the kind of response that comment might illicit, I don’t know.

“I think he turned around to ask me sort of, ‘What did you say?’ and there was a point at which I sort of just grabbed his arm and I said, ‘This is what I said,’ he said, ‘What?’ and I repeated it.”

Burke also addressed reports about Chris Bosh‘s possible return to the Heat for Game 5 on Tuesday night. She said she expects to see him play, but brought up concerns on how it could affect the Heat.

“What is he like physically? And now do you spend your time adjusting your sets and expanding your offensive package and not adjusting to the other things that the Celtics are maybe doing that you could be thinking about?” Burke said. “Because now it affects your rotation, then that’s a good thing because Ronny Turiaf has given you nothing and obviously adding 18 and 7 into your rotation is in my estimation, never a bad thing.”

Burke also said there was no question that it would be hardest for Bosh to scrape off the rust offensively if he does indeed make a return Tuesday.

“There’s so much more rhythm involved. … How much consistent shooting has he been able to do?” Burke said. “I know he has done basketball-related drills, but as you guys know, these gentlemen, this is their vocation. They’re in the gym, they’re beating me. When I’m getting there three-and-a-half hours before, they’re already in there in a full sweat. And they’ve gone through shooting routines or whatever their pregame routine might be.

“I think absolutely on the offensive end. You know at this point the defensive packages, the coverages, you’ve watched where your doubles are coming from. I don’t think there’s any question it’s offensive.”

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