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New Yorkers freak out when Derek Jeter splits pizza bill with Hannah Davis

06.25.15 at 1:28 pm ET

NY Daily NewsWhen he was a star shortstop fielding popups for the Yankees, Derek Jeter had no problem saying, “I got it!”€ But when dining out with his supermodel girlfriend in Rome this week, Jeter committed a horrible error: going Dutch rather than just treating Sports Illustrated cover girl Hannah Davis to the meal.

“It’€™s outrageous. What an ungentlemanly like thing to do,” says Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick, founder of the Etiquette School of New York. …

“If you can’€™t pick up the check, you shouldn’€™t be taking your girlfriend out, regardless if you’€™re in Italy or at Chipotle,” insists Kelly Maxwell, 23. …

“€œI’€™m old school, so I always pay on the first date,” says Rockland County special ed teacher Joseph Dooley, 26.

These are strange days, indeed. For years I poked the bear of New Yorkers’ treating Derek Jeter like he could do no wrong. During Captain Intangibles endless farewell tour last summer I did everything I could to remind them that he was one of the poorest defensive players of his era, not even the best shortstop in his own infield, and in spite of all the talk about him being so clutch, was statistically the exact same player in the postseason that he was in the regular season. And believe me, I suffered plenty of blowback from the religious zealots who adhere to the Jeter Infallibility Doctrine.

But now I take it all back. People in New York might be turning on Jeter over this, but I stand and applaud in ways I never did when the Red Sox were showering him in treasures of plaques and rubber boots last September. Because the one thing we can all agree on is that nobody has game with the ladies like Jeter- excuse me, my man Jeets. Whether it’s bedding a Timberlake/DiCaprio-level lineup of good looking celebrity talent or bringing home anonymous randoms and sending them on their way with a gift basket in the morning, no one has had a better career off the field.

And this clinches it for me. Making Hannah Davis split a $30 pizza bill is the power move of all power moves. It demonstrates that even in retirement he’s still the Apex Predator sitting atop the babehound food chain. Those turncoats in New York who used to love him but are turning on him now don’t deserve to admire an athlete with this kind of game. So I applaud you, Jeets. And ask your forgiveness for anything I might have said in the past. For now, all I have is total RE2PECT.


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