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Stephen A. Smith on The Big Show: Magic interested in Kevin Garnett?

06.06.12 at 5:56 pm ET

ESPN’€™s Stephen A. Smith joined The Big Show Wednesday afternoon to discuss the Celtics‘€™ big road win Tuesday night in Miami and what the future may hold for both teams. But first, Smith felt he had some owning up to do.

‘€œYou’ve got to give credit where credit’€™s due. I get so disgusted with people that can’€™t fess up and own up,’€ Smith said. ‘€œWe were wrong, most of us were wrong and I’€™m at the top of that list. I didn’€™t think Boston had a shot to win two games this series.’€

To hear the interview, go to The Big Show audio on demand page.

Smith said his pre-series prediction of a Miami victory was based on a rash of Celtics injuries and their season-long rebounding woes.

However, ‘€œSure enough, because of exceptional coaching by Doc Rivers, and guys that simply have the heart of a champion, [the Celtics] just know how to win. And they have so much heart, so much focus and dedication. They just know how to get it done,’€ Smith said.

‘€œIt’€™s not just that they’€™re winning, it’€™s that they’€™re making it plain that they had no business being an underdog. ‘€¦ And the way I look at it, the Miami Heat are incredibly lucky that they still have a game to play and they still have life because they don’€™t deserve it. They don’€™t even deserve to be on a respirator right now.’€

Asked about possible destinations for Kevin Garnett next season, the well-connected Smith said a couple of candidates for the Magic’€™s general manager job have told Orlando, ‘€œWhat you need to do is break the bank a little bit and sign KG to a two-year deal, even it is for about $20 million.’€

Smith also suggested the Lakers were a logical destination for Garnett, if Boston didn’€™t make a strong enough offer to re-sign him. ‘€œMe personally, if I’€™m Kobe Bryant, and I know I’€™m staying in L.A., I’€™m making a call to KG,’€ Smith said.

As for the future of the Heat should they fail to win a championship this season, Smith believes ownership will have to say the pieces simply don’€™t work together.

‘€œThe reality is that Dwyane Wade and LeBron James don’€™t look as if they fit,’€ Smith said. And, ‘€œNot only are they not getting it done, but they are not getting it done at a time when the Oklahoma City Thunder has three stars on its team all 23 years of age or less. Which means they’€™re not going anywhere. So if you’€™re the Miami Heat, you didn’€™t get it done this year or last year, you may never get it done because they’€™re standing in your way.’€

When asked if he believed Boston would win the series Thursday night, Smith said: ‘€œYes. I hope I’€™m wrong ’cause it means that I would get to spend a weekend in South Beach, but I don’€™t think so.’€

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