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Tu Holloway helped Xavier to three Sweet 16 appearances in four years. (AP)

Tu Holloway helped Xavier to three Sweet 16 appearances in four years. (AP)

Xavier’s Tu Holloway (52) shoots past Dayton’s Paul Williams (22) during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game in the quarterfinals of the Atlantic 10 men’s tournament in Atlantic City, N.J., Friday, March 9, 2012. Xavier won 70-69. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

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  1. Mk Word Says:

    This thing again?

    It was a self-indulgent decision by Thomas, but it was his to make.

    There’s nothing more to be said. Everyone should move on. Don’t understand why this is even a “story.”

  2. joe Says:

    why would another player comment on another player?

  3. kozlodoev Says:

    Because Thomas is facing the Bruins tonight, and that’s the type of questions you get before games like this.

  4. innovator1 Says:

    Thomas was completely burnt out,,didn’t decide to take the year off unless he knew Rask was good to go,then made his decision…He was toast,,I have no problem with him leaving….The guy singlehandedly won us a cup…I hope the drama stops so we can give the guy his due of appreciation…

  5. CraftyandSly1 Says:

    I fully concur with everything you posted, above.

  6. CraftyandSly1 Says:

    David Krecji and the rest of our Bruins have an opportunity to let Timmy Thomas know how they think about his off-ice decisions by scoring often, later tonight.

  7. Cousin Joey P. Says:

    I want to know why Theo Epstein never faced any blowback when he shunned the white house visit in 2007. The media barely mentioned it. Let’s call it what it is. When you people shun a Republican president around here, it’s “your right as an American”….If you shun a liberal, then you must have a screw loose or be a selfish ingrate. This has been going on forever…people skip the white house trip. Thomas didn’t count on being labeled a villan and being ostracized because he passed on seeing the Emperor.

  8. Salk is a Tool Says:

    Self-indulgent??? Plenty of players didn’t visit Bush in the WH but nothing was saif because it was “cool” to hate on him. Thomas stood up for what he believed in, Barry has morals & values that differ from alot of Americans as can been seen by his 37% approval rating. I applaud Thomas, the media more than anyone blew this out of proportion but don’t belittle the man’s beliefs I would refuse to shake or talk with the little boy king as well. I’m hoping for a strong game & season for Thomas

  9. Raivkka Says:

    Obama can F off, I wouldn’t go either.

  10. Raivkka Says:

    I agree completely, Thomas’s stellar play afforded us the opportunity to compete, and win the cup.

    Thanks TT.

  11. innovator1 Says:

    Good point…How soon people forget…

  12. innovator1 Says:

    He can F off,,,and so can’t everyone else in Washington in my opinion….Denis Leary for President!!! And then when anyone tries to pass a stupid bill or law,,Terry Tate,office linebacker can come in and give them the clothesline of their life,and scream at them letting em have it while their on the ground…Then five seconds later,as they’re still on the ground ,Denis can stand over them laughing and pointing the finger at them,,kinda like Harry and Lloyd did while the gas-man was lying on the ground having his ulcer in Dumb and Dumber…

  13. NE1935 Says:

    It is a hockey game period not a political debate. Beat this guy and team as he no longer plays for the bruins. Thanks for the memories but this is 2013.

  14. BuddyCianci Says:

    The visit means a lot to the team and the franchise. Thomas’ decision was self-indulgent because he was a no-show for “political” reasons. He deserted his teammates. It’s actually pretty cowardly for Thomas to hide from the President.

  15. Que Says:

    Tim Thomas didn’t say a word until the media hounded him at his house. If the media wasn’t looking for trouble Thomas was content to not say a word and just stay home. The media started this and idiots like you fell for it.

  16. depo Says:

    He was a big boy. Hounding media didn’t make him say things. He could have just stuck with I’m tired, or I had a family commitment, or no comment. He wanted to make an issue of Obama and in doing so helped ruin the moment for his teammates. Yep – selfish!

  17. bench warmer Says:

    Racist, bigoted homophobe is another series of names the progressives love to toss around.

  18. NYCBruinsFan Says:

    Cowardly is right. If he had balls he should have gone to the White House and told Obama exactly what he thought instead of passing on the opportunity.

  19. NYCBruinsFan Says:


  20. NYCBruinsFan Says:

    And ruined his own reputation as well.

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