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Arnett Moultrie (AP)

Arnett Moultrie (AP)

Mississippi State forward Arnett Moultrie (23) dunks against Massachusetts during the second half of their NIT first-round college basketball game in Starkville, Miss., Tuesday, March 13, 2012. Massachusetts won 101-96 in double overtime. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

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  1. Sicko Says:

    Man, just when the team has been rolling this garbage happens. How many times has a Bruins’ player gotten knocked out of a game with a head shot? Seems like every year concussions plague the B’s.

  2. Bruinman86 Says:

    What is with the Goon Patrol in Buffalo???? Ott, Scott and Kaleta. Do they actually think this will translate into winning? He’ll get suspended, but if Eriksson is out for longer, then it’s a good tradeoff for Buffalo. Not fair. When these guys pull this crap, and are repeat offenders ( I don’t know Scott’s suspension history) they should be suspended for the lenght of time the injured player is. Time to clean it up.

  3. ChrisinDanvers Says:

    Totally agree. Not sure why these guys in Buffalo are getting away with this without stiffer penalties. After this guy’s antics against Phil Kessel in the preseason, you would think the NHL would do suspend this guy. I bet one will be coming for him based on past incidents. McQuaid did a good job defending his player following up, but the league needs to step in, too. The Bruins know all too much about the dangers of head injuries.

  4. innovator1 Says:

    Motherf$#$er needs to be a dead man…

  5. Matt Says:

    Sabres season going down the toilet fast so Rolston sends Scott out to try and take the Bruins season down a notch or 2, What a pathetic cheap shot by that Goon. The Bruins made a huge decision to trade seguin to get Eriksson and now this. That hit was as bad as it gets and I am worried Loui will be out a very long time.

  6. chappy Says:

    Milbury got it right…..

  7. CraftyandSly1 Says:

    If Campbell was still in charge would there even be a suspension, or would there be another lame excuse explaining why the league didn’t suspend the player delivering a hit on a Bruin’s player? After all, the Bruins are nothing more than a bunch of thugs, anyway, right Canadian’s fans?

  8. joe Says:

    it’s not like loui was doing anything anyway

  9. Salk is a Tool Says:

    It won’t stop until the NHL mans up and starts suspending these players for more than a few games. Cook should be out of the league because in essence he ended Savard’s career. Maybe if the NHL starts suspending the player until the injured player is back on the ice 100% this will stop

  10. joe's a turd nugget Says:

    Go back into your mother’s cooz, you little troll.

  11. joe Says:

    ya, i’ve said this before, add mccormick to that group, and you have 4 players out of 12, or 1/3 of your lineup who can’t play hockey. the G.M. must be a moron. the owner must be a bigger moron. the fans are supporting this type of team?

  12. Bruinman86 Says:

    I remember you posting that. Got to see it for myself tonight. Is it a knee-jerk reaction to the Bruins pounding them over the years – physically? If I were the owner I wouldn’t be pleased. I also wonder if they keep up this style of play with all the suspensions they will likely get. Pretty stupid.

  13. fab4ever Says:

    I JUST saw this video, didn’t see a stitch of the game last night. You’re right. This a**clown needs to be put away for a substantial amount of games. None of this 5 game crap. How about half the season? Maybe then these goons will wake up. He’s a goon,yes a goon in the classic sense. It’s one thing to be a tough guy, it’s another thing to be a goon. Sabre fans? Keep waving those towels and praying for a return of the days when your team was relevant. This was another black eye for your team and town….

  14. John Says:

    Tory Krug looks like he could play anywhere on the ice. What a special player he is coming out of nowhere, he’s a Bruin thru and thru. The 2 goals he scored were point blank lasers. Love his style of play and I hope he’s here to stay and with Reilly Smith, Hamilton and other youth the future looks bright.

  15. John Says:

    I blame Rolston (Sabres coach) for even having Scott out there against the B’s top line and a 4-2 deficit in the 3rd period. The game was essentially over and in that situation if your team can’t score to make a comeback, then letting the goon squad loose is a bush league move and does not belong in the NHL. Along with a 10 game suspension for Scott should be a $10,000 fine for Rolston. Then watch how fast this buffoonery stops

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