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Jordan Taylor owns the NCAA career record for assist-to-turnover ratio at 3.01. (AP)

Jordan Taylor owns the NCAA career record for assist-to-turnover ratio at 3.01. (AP)

Wisconsin guard Jordan Taylor drives against Vanderbilt guard John Jenkins (23) during the second half of an NCAA tournament third-round college basketball game on Saturday, March 17, 2012, in Albuquerque, N.M. Wisconsin won 60-57. (AP Photo/Matt York)

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  1. mydeadpacanwritebetter Says:

    what high school did the writer of this drop out of?

  2. sudco01 Says:

    Not the one where they’re taught to end sentences with prepositions…

  3. Joe Says:

    Great to have english majors as comment makers!

  4. Kennythelid Says:

    You don’t honor a contract you signed and it’s the Bruins fault? Jesus, grow up.

  5. Matt.B Says:

    Thanks for the cup Timmy!!!

  6. mydickyourmomsmouth Says:

    perhaps, but the funny thing is, is that he changed the piece after he was called out on it

  7. joe Says:

    yup, thanks for the cup, now SCREW

  8. ThinkTwice Says:

    Bottom line… if you’re thinking all season you might want to take the year off, then you’re not the guy I want to count on in net because you don’t have the passion. What the heck did Thomas expect the Bruins to do when he said he probably wouldn’t be back the next year? They had a great young backup ready to assume the everyday job, and it would be foolish to count on a return from an aging player who wants to sit for a year.

    Love you Timmy for all you gave the Bruins, but you created the situation and can’t blame anyone else for how it all went down.

  9. Julio Inglesias Says:

    Everyone on the team was “half in / half out” that year. They were all exhausted. They won 3 game 7′s in the NHL playoffs and won the first Stanley Cup for Boston in 40 years. No one was ready to give the same effort the next year. Human nature.

  10. Julio Inglesias Says:

    He looked awesome last night. Much, much better than I expected. Made some classic Timmeh saves.

  11. Xander Bogaerts Says:

    Thomas has showed his true colors as a selfish athlete in this interview. He told the Bruins he may not play & expected them to sit on that & wait until the “almighty” Tim Thomas decides if he will play out the last year on his contract.
    Hey Thomas, do you not think the Bruins have to make decisions on there roster & cap ramifications during the summer? Now saying they forced his hand. What a joke.
    Pretty evident now he wanted to hold them hostage and they called his bluff. Good on Chia. I can`t get over how selfish this guy turned out to be. It is all about Timmy. Now that Timmy has thrown this little bit of blame out don`t be surprised if the organization gives there side of the story. I hope they do.

  12. Bruinsfan43 Says:

    He forced the Bruins hand! Not the other way around. If you tell your boss that you are thinking of taking a year off, what do you think he/she is going to do? Yeah replace you. He/she can’t wait until you finally decide. Thanks for the great years Tim I loved you in a Bruins uniform, but your strange exit is on you and could be your lasting memory in Boston. Too bad cause Bruins fans loved to route for you.

  13. Xander Bogaerts Says:

    Are you kidding? Do you really believe Patrice Bergeron was half in / half out? What about Chara? Thomas had a contract and didn’t honour it for whatever reason & now he is blaming the Bruins. He states that he felt strongly that there would be a lockout so this belief that he left millions on the table to be with his family is quite convenient. Lets not forget most of his contract was front loaded. In my opinion the guy knew the Bruins were leaning toward Rask going forward & he put the Bruins in a corner. Not the other way around like Thomas would have you believe.

  14. blinding glare Says:

    couldn’t agree more, very well said!

  15. mark in port st.lucie Says:

    tough game last nite

  16. ChrisL Says:

    And this is coming from the person with the name ‘mydickyourmomsmouth’

    speaking of high school dropouts…

  17. NE1935 Says:

    The point here is he sat out. If you did not want it public keep it secret.

  18. NYCBruinsFan Says:

    No kidding. If I told my boss I was interviewing or taking next year off, I’d be gone the same day. For a guy who can tend goal like few others, he isn’t too smart. Not to mention if he saw the lockout coming. Wouldn’t taking half the year off been good enough and playing half a season. He’s just a nut who makes bad decisions who can also stop pucks. Thanks Tim.

  19. NYCBruinsFan Says:

    Behind the B #4

  20. NYCBruinsFan Says:

    Perfect summary.

  21. Zubster Says:

    Look the guys a straight shooter he’s always been honest and fourth coming so how was he being selfish by telling the team at the end of the 2011-12 season what he was thinking? “roster & cap ramifications during the summer” What? The old CBA was expiring no one knew what the “ramifications” of a new CBA would have on “roster & cap”. You argument is weak.

    They did however know that the cap was certainly going down so they were going to need cap space. Rask was RFA who was going to get a big contract which meant he also needed to play the majority of the games. They didn’t want Tim back. They pushed him into this so they could circumvent the contract rules for 35 yr old players. He could have just retired but If he retired they would have had to carry his full cap hit for the season with no deferment or exceptions. So they got their cake and ate it. Yet TT is the bad guy..

    The dude gave everything he had while he was on the team as a fan you shouldn’t ask for anything more than that. I can’t believe after all the crap Jacobs put the franchise through peeps gonna hate on Tim? When all Tim ever did was win them a SC.

  22. Zubster Says:

    Why are you so BUTTHURT? Jeremy Jacobs is that you?

  23. john Says:

    Thomas had the money on the table. The Bruins r one of the worst paying teams in the League.

  24. Donna Says:

    I’ve had 3 comments deleted for not hewing to liberal line of Beano and corporates. Tell me Bean, how about your bias? Was Theo trashed for skipping Bush confab? NO. A hero, truth-teller, occupy a…hole. We cheered Thomas last night in part because we hate you and your convenient politics.

  25. Donna Says:

    Now here’s Dale questioning why we–the fans– didn’t boo Thomas. Sets up the entire opening piece by talking about how other former players were booed, so why didn’t we (Liberals) boo Thomas. It’s just not fair!!!

  26. Donna Says:

    Message deleted again.

  27. Donna Says:

    Who monitors comments?? Since when is politics the deciding factor in allowing posts? In the USA? Should I add ‘Go Obama”? Obey? Obamacare rocks? (Can you imagine if Bush tried to name an act after himself? Bushcare?

  28. Donna Says:

    Oh, there he goes. Dale Arnold, White House, Obama, Tim Thomas. Theo, anyone?
    Delete me immediately, EEI. Off to the Hub, a…holes

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