NBA Draft’s Potential Celtics: UC Santa Barbara SG Orlando Johnson » Orlando Johnson, Eugene Phelps, Edis Dervisevic

Orlando Johnson (AP)

Orlando Johnson (AP)

UC Santa Barbara guard Orlando Johnson (33) goes up for a shot against Long Beach State forwards Eugene Phelps (4) and Edis Dervisevic, right, during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game in the championship of their Big West Conference tournament, Saturday, March 10, 2012, in Anaheim, Calif. (AP Photo/Alex Gallardo)

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  1. NE1935 Says:

    Rask 2 Rangers 1. Legs looked tired. However to win that one is a steal.

  2. NYCBruinsFan Says:

    Glad to get out of MSG with 2 points tonight. I was there in Section 209 routing them on? Task was simply amazing Overall they played sloppy with a number of give always and couldn’t hold the blue line on a few key situations. While I hate saying it, I think it’s getting time to scratch Marchand a game or two His game and head just aren’t in it so far this season. I’d give him one more shot against the Blues and if not sit him out Saturday. Go Bruins.

  3. sox2013champs Says:

    not often a team so thoroughly dominated in a game comes away with a win…take the points and run.

  4. Steve_in_MA Says:

    Best performance by Rask, ever. He stopped unstoppable ricochets, unseen screened shots, pucks that the Long Island Medium would have no business getting to. A true superstar performance.

  5. CraftyandSly1 Says:

    That’s why you are not the coach. Brad Marchand *only* leads the Boston Bruins with game-winning-goals (tied with four other Bruin’s players) on the 2013-2014 NHL regular season, thus far.

    To add insult to injury these Boston Bruins *only* lead the entire Eastern Conference after 21-games.

    Lastly, the Bruin’s defense “played sloppy” (your words, not mine) because the Boston Bruins lost the services of Seids in the middle of his *first* shift! Add to that problem was the fact that Bartowski was lost to the Bruins during the 2nd period, but he was able to return (not to full form, however).

    Thus, when one *seriously* considers that the Boston Bruins were playing their second game in just two nights, down *two* defenders, against an excellent NY Rangers team who received Rick Nash back from injury, then what did you expect their overall play to be? I’m curious.

    Again, that’s why you are not the coach.

  6. CraftyandSly1 Says:

    The Boston Bruins were, also, without the services of *two* defenders last night in the second of back-to-back games. I’d say that they played pretty well given the circumstances. The Bruins needed for Rask to gel, and he did not disappoint.

  7. CraftyandSly1 Says:

    Agreed. Rask was excellent at a time when the Bruins needed him to be. Today, the Bruins stand atop the Eastern Conference after 21-games.

  8. CraftyandSly1 Says:

    Yep. Being down two defenders during the game, the Boston Bruins were only able to roll out two pair of defensemen against a team enjoying the services of Rick Nash. We needed Rask to stand tall and he delivered. Nice win last night.

  9. ChrisinDanvers Says:

    Strong game. Rask was indeed solid, especially with some of those shots. The team put forth a nice effort in that final minute plus to keep the Rangers away from the net as well. Nice to see they snapped out of that lull for the time being.

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