NBA Draft’s Potential Celtics: Kentucky SF/PF Terrence Jones » Terrence Jones, Jarnell Stokes, Anthony Davis

Terrence Jones (AP)

Terrence Jones (AP)

Kentucky’s Terrence Jones, top, shoots next to Tennessee’s Jarnell Stokes (5) and Kentucky’s Anthony Davis (23) during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game against in Lexington, Ky., Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012. Kentucky won 69-44. (AP Photo/James Crisp)

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  1. joe Says:

    i don’t consider it dirty.. it’s a hockey hit……i hope he is ok i seem to think he is ok by the ref laughing during the stoppage

  2. dmm1047 Says:

    Boarding? Geez, I thought they forgot all about that penalty long ago. We’ve been seeing guys getting creamed into the boards for quite awhile now.

  3. Sicko Says:

    A bad hit but no way dirty. Boychuk seemed to just turn ever so slightly when the hit happened. To me it looked like he was having trouble breathing. Hopefully just had the wind knocked out of him and maybe some deep bruises on his sternum.

  4. Macdow Says:

    Someone should call 911 on Pacioretty.

  5. Sicko Says:

    Not sure you have really been watching because that’s been a penalty called that way for a couple of years. If the check is made at the numbers and the player goes face first into the boards it will be called almost every time. Even in years past checking a guy more than a couple of feet from the end boards has been called.

  6. Bruinman86 Says:

    Bet Habs fans wished it was Chara instead of Boychuk. What a crazy group of fans they are. Hope he’s OK.

  7. Sicko Says:

    Aren’t you suppose to be in Vegas getting laid?!?

  8. Bruinman86 Says:

    Ha! Too much work to do! Always get’s busy before Christmas. I guess I’ll just have to settle for getting laid at home! Thanks for the Sentiments!

  9. Bruinman86 Says:

    Based on how he hit the boards, my money is on him having broken or bruised ribs.

  10. TimDogg Says:

    That’s exactly what it looks like, when his shoulder hit the runner his ribs hit the boards. How many extra shoves are there in a hockey game?? Bad luck for Boychuk.

  11. Bruinman86 Says:

    Had my sternum caved in one time in a hockey game. Bruised 3 ribs as well. Talk about uncomfortable to breathe, much less sleep. I can only imagine what he’s going trough – if indeed that is what happened. Much worse than what i went through, for sure.

  12. ChrisinDanvers Says:

    Here’s hoping Boychuk is okay after that hit. Wishing him the best and hoping that he can heal quick.

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