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Brandon Bass is officially back with the Celtics for the 2012-13 season. (Mike Petraglia, WEEI.com)

Brandon Bass is officially back with the Celtics for the 2012-13 season. (Mike Petraglia, WEEI.com)

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  1. ChrisinDanvers Says:

    That game showed the Bruins grit and determination. Great job coming back after falling behind – something the Bruins have had difficulty doing – against a quality team. Tough officiating at times, too, which doesn’t help. But, overall, even though it was a loss, it shows a lot about this team.

  2. Bruinman86 Says:

    1 point is better than no points. I’ll take it, especially on the road.

  3. Zac Says:

    I’ll take the 1 point considering who was out and this was the type of game where nothing seemed to be going right for the bruins. Bad reffing and non-favorable bounces weren’t going the B’s way last night. I thought Soderberg was the Bruins best player even though he had the costly turnover in ot behind the net. He was flying out there and creating a lot of nice plays. The first line had another great night. Iginla was so close to finishing it but sometimes the luck doesn’t go your way. Warsofsky looked shaky at times. I’m actually very surprised Julien would even put him on the ice in ot. I wouldn’t blame him for the ot goal but it was a soft play by time. He just made some bad mental decisions so hopefully he can step up his game.

  4. bruinsfan43 Says:

    It was a good comeback for the single point, especially given that Chara was out. They played well enough to win and their offense was producing scoring chances for 60 minutes. I was a little disappointed in Tuuka’s performance. The three goals all looked stoppable even though they were good shots. I know that you aren’t going to get them all, but missing 3 defensive starters means your goaltender has to be really, really good. The young D made some mistakes, but overall were solid. Soderberg is looking really good, both offensively and has been solid defensively. Man can he create in the offensive zone and he is a shooter! Krecji should take note of the number of shots Soderberg takes. I have always contend that Krecji does not look to shoot enough, and instead looks to pass first. Some games he does not register a shot!!

  5. fab4ever Says:

    Is it me or are there others who witness some incredibly poor officiating judgments this season in the NHL? I’m not talking about the nickel/dime subjective calls but the overwhelmingly “easy” calls that aren’t. The high stick on Eriksson was truly ridiculous and an easy call to get correct. Now you have one less Blues goal and a 4 minute power play for the B’s. Game changer? Yes. Does it mean the outcome would have been different? No but I like my chances from that point forward.
    The fact that the B’s played much better after being down 2 zip AND being without Big Z, grabbing a point against an excellent team is a plus. Good work….

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