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Irish Coffee: Everybody Loves Rajon

Celtics [1] floor general Rajon Rondo [2] isn’t the only one who thinks he’s “the best point guard in the league [3].” Whether he was drinking at the time or not, Jason Kidd [4] told former Mavericks teammate Jason Terry [5] that Rondo is “the best point guard in the game [6]. Deron Williams is great. Steve Nash [7] is great also. There’s a couple other guys — Derrick Rose [8], [Chris Paul [9]] — but he said, ‘Rajon Rondo plays both ends of the floor, and he plays the game like a throwback. He’s an old school point guard. He knows how to initiate, get his guys involved and still go get his.”

That’s why we sorted through Rondo’s interviews from the 2012-13 NBA season to edit the first episode of the latest Boston-based sitcom: “Everybody Loves Rajon.” Enjoy the (extremely) dry comedic stylings of Rajon Rondo. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out “The Kevin Garnett Comedy Hour [10].”