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Dwyane Wade ‘pretty happy’ about ‘hurting’ Celtics

08.09.12 at 11:13 am ET

During a promotional appearance at the London Olympics, Heat superstar Dwyane Wade made the media rounds while recovering from July 9 left knee surgery, and Celtics fans should take note of two statements: 1) He believes as many did that Miami’s addition of Ray Allen improves the Heat and hurts the C’s, and 2) He expects to be in uniform for the Oct. 30 ring ceremony in Miami before the opener between the Celtics and Heat.

  • Wade on Allen (via The Globe): “When you get a chance to add one of the best shooters in history, the best 3-point shooter in history, and you’re adding him and making your team better while at the same time hurting one of your biggest rivals, you’re pretty happy when it works out. Ray’s going to give us another element in our offense, another weapon, and he’s really going to enjoy the golf courses, I know that.”
  • Wade on whether or not he’ll be healthy for the NBA opener (via the Associated Press): “I should be. We’ll see. We’ll see how we approach it as an organization. But I should be able to go. It just depends on how much they feel like they want me to work. But I should be ready when the season starts.”

Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle knows the feeling. He feels the same about Jason Terry departing Dallas for Boston as Wade does about Allen, only from the opposite perspective, so really how much are the C’s hurting?

“JET, he’s like a family member to me,” Carlisle told ESPN Dallas last month. ‘€œOur daughters are best friends in school, so that’€™s a tough one; that’€™s a tough one on a lot of levels. But, again, with everything he’€™s done here in eight years, you’€™ve got to wish these guys [Terry and Jason Kidd] absolutely the best and be thankful they’€™re in the East. We only have to see them twice a year instead of four times.”

Should Wade dress for the opener, let’s just hope that doesn’t rob us of Terry’s script for the first of four Celtics-Heat matchups: “Must see TV. I tell you that. You already know the matchup. It’s gonna be me vs. Ray.

“You know what? Everybody can just sit down and take their seat on the bench. Forget LeBron [James]. Forget D-Wade. KG [Kevin Garnett], [Rajon] Rondo, Double-P [Paul Pierce] all just rest, and me and Ray are just going to have a 3-point shooting contest. We’ll shoot it out.”

As for Avery Bradley‘s health for the opener in Miami, he eluded more questions about when he’ll be able to return following offseason surgery on both shoulders during another charitable appearance in North Andover on Wednesday, only telling the Eagle-Tribune his shoulders “feel great.”

However, he did declare Kevin Garnett “one of the best teammates ever.” Of course, the 21-year-old shooting guard hasn’t had too many teammates over the course of his two-year NBA career, but still.

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