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Irish Coffee: Emptying the Celtics notebook

08.16.12 at 12:40 pm ET

Over the past week, the digital notebook filled up with interviews of Celtics Avery Bradley, Dionte Christmas, Kris Joseph and Courtney Lee in addition to a conversation with Syracuse assistant coach Adrian Autry.

Most of those discussions can be found in Green Street blog posts on Lee, Bradley and Joseph, but plenty of compelling quotes ended up on the cutting room floor. Here are those deleted scenes.

ADRIAN AUTRY, Syracuse assistant coach

  • On Fab Melo: “I think Fab is with the right team. With the personnel they have, the professionalism they have and Doc Rivers, you’€™re going to see him to continue to get better. He wants to be very, very good. He wants to be a great player. You’€™ll continue to see him get better, just like he made leaps and bounds with us from his first year to his second. He works hard in the gym. He gives 110 percent. He’€™ll be fine.”
  • On Joseph’s character: “It being my first year coming in, he made my job a lot easier. He was the leader of our group, he was talented, and he caught on to everything very quickly. We hit it off right away. He was the first person I reached out to when I got the job. … I always knew about his talent, and I was excited to work with all the tools that he had to offer, but when I got to spend some time with him and talk about his background, it took me to another level.”
  • On Syracuse’s zone: “A lot of elements of our zone are man-to-man. In practice, we do man-to-man segments because teams play us man-to-man. Our guys have an idea.”

AVERY BRADLEY, Celtics third-year combo guard

  • On last season: “At the beginning of the year, it was hard for me. Going into my second season, I thought I was going to play a lot more. I wasn’€™t playing, but my teammates always would tell me, ‘€˜You always have to be ready.’ That’€™s one of the things you have to do in this league, because your name can be called at any time, so you always have to be ready. I got a chance to play when Rondo went down. I got a chance to play, to get better. When my name was called, I was ready. And then Ray went down, and I started to start. I was nervous, but I started to feel more comfortable playing with my teammates. … As the year went on, even last year, I just stayed on top of that and stayed ready. That’€™s the main thing: You always have to be ready and available. I just wanted to prove to Doc and my teammates that I could help them out, and that’€™s what I did. I went out there and played as hard as I could.”
  • On training camp: “[If I’m healthy], that would be great. It would be my first training camp ever, so I’€™d be excited. Like I said, I’€™ve just got to take it day by day. If I am ready, I’€™m going to be prepared. If I’€™m not, I’€™m just going to keep getting ready to get prepared for the season.”
  • On European preseason: “I think that’€™s cool. It’€™ll be my first time going over there [Turkey and Italy], so I’€™m excited. Like I said, I hope I’€™m able to join training camp. I’€™m just taking it day by day. It’€™ll be cool to go over there. I know we’€™ll have a fun time.”

DIONTE CHRISTMAS, Celtics summer league signing

  • On going undrafted: “After the 2009 draft, I didn’€™t get drafted. I always knew I could play in the NBA, and this summer coach [Doc] Rivers and Mr. [Danny] Ainge gave me a great opportunity to come into Boston and show them how much I’€™ve developed over the past couple years in Europe. I think I really showed everybody that watched me and I played against this summer that I’€™m ready to be in the NBA. I’€™m definitely honored to play for a team like Boston.”
  • On chasing dreams: “I’€™ve been a player in Europe for the past couple years. Everybody thinks people who go to Europe give up their dream and don’€™t want to come back to the NBA, but me coming in here and getting this deal that I got here in Boston, I think it just showed everybody to never give up and showed me that hard work pays off. If I come into camp and play hard like the Celtics are known to do, I think I can really help this team in a lot of ways. It really changed my life a lot this summer going to Orlando and Las Vegas and doing what I had to do.”
  • On his contract: “I had no words. I actually got the message right before the last game of summer league, and I really couldn’€™t get too happy or hyped, because we were playing, but I had no words. After the game, I just couldn’€™t stop thanking Mr. Ainge. I was just proud. It was like draft night all over again, but me getting my name called, so it was definitely a great day, a great moment for me in my career, and I’€™m excited. I can’€™t wait until training camp starts.”
  • On European preseason: “I’€™m sure we’€™re going to be there for business. With the vets we have — KG [Kevin Garnett], [Rajon] Rondo and Paul [Pierce] — those guys aren’€™t going to be there for fun. They’€™re just going strictly for business, and we’€™re working for that 18th banner, trying to bring home another championship.”
  • On Celtics veterans: “I actually got a taste of it in summer league. Rondo actually came down to a couple of our games, and he was coaching me on the court and pulling me to the side and giving me some pointers. That’€™s definitely what I’€™m looking forward to being a part of, a program like this and getting pointers and things like that from guys like KG and Paul and the other vet guys.”

KRIS JOSEPH, Celtics second-round draft pick

  • On Celtics veterans: “I’m most looking forward to getting to meet the veterans, bond with the guys and learn from everybody. Not just Paul Pierce, who plays my position, but learning from a guy like KG, learning from Rondo, Keyon Dooling. They’€™ve just been around the game for so long that I can learn from each and every one of those guys, and just be like a sponge. If I take everything that they’€™re telling me while still using my own skill set and things like that, listening to those guys will do positive things for me in the future.”
  • On Paul Pierce: “I haven’€™t spoken to him yet, but I’€™m definitely looking forward to it. I’€™m definitely looking forward to just picking his brain a little bit and finding out some things that I can learn about from him. It’€™s going to be good.”
  • On Jared Sullinger: “Jared and I have been real cool. We both share the same type of personality. We’€™re pretty silly guys. And I’€™ve gotten over the fact that Ohio State beat us in the tournament. So, yeah, we’€™re all getting along. The three rookies [Joseph, Sullinger and Melo] are getting along really well. … I don’€™t know about Dionte, but I’€™m sure I’€™ll be doing the rookie runs. So, having Fab and Jared and all them will make it a lot easier for those types of things. It’€™s good that we’€™re all in this together.”
  • On this season: “Whether I’€™m on the court or learning from the sidelines, I’m looking forward to just being able to learn the game, because I’€™m sure it’€™s a lot different than college. I spent four years at Syracuse, but it’€™s a whole different ballgame, so just being able to learn from these guys and getting some gametime experience in the league is going to be good for me.”

COURTNEY LEE, Celtics sign-and-trade acquisition

  • On touring Boston: “I’€™m definitely excited. I got here earlier [last Thursday] to try to find somewhere to live. I got a chance to drive around a little bit, see the city and see what it has to offer.”
  • On this summer: ‘€œThe free agency period was definitely stressful, but I stayed patient, let my agent, Danny and those guys figure it out, and then once it came to a holt I was definitely happy and relieved about it.’€
  • On this season: “That first game is just the start of chasing that banner No. 18, so the quicker it gets started the better for us.”

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