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Jason Terry pulls a Mickael Pietrus, guarantee a Celtics championship this season every chance he gets

08.17.12 at 11:33 am ET

No big deal. Jason Terry just making the rounds, guaranteeing a Celtics championship this season to anybody who’ll listen. Of course, we heard the same rhetoric from Mickael Pietrus last year.

By now, you’ve probably seen Terry’s new tattoo on his left biceps of the C’s logo. “There’€™s the lucky leprechaun,’€ he told WBZ-TV’s Steve Burton during an interview Thursday at Canton’s Reebok Headquarters that will air Sunday night on Sports Final, “and he’€™s spinning the Larry O’€™Brien trophy, which we will win this year.”

So much for symbolism. While the Heat added aging All-Stars Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis to their 2011-12 NBA title team and the Lakers brought superstars Steve Nash and Dwight Howard into the fold, the Celtics acquired role players like Terry, Courtney Lee and Jason Collins to complement their core of Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Still, Terry remains supremely confident in the C’s chances.

‘€œLooking at our roster and what Danny [Ainge] has put together, we have a good team,” he said. “A solid core of veteran guys, two Hall of Famers, one of the best point guards in the league — the best if you ask me in Rajon Rondo — and a good nucleus of young guys that are going to have to play and help us out.’€

Want more of Terry’s brash takes on his forthcoming first season in a Celtics uniform?

  • On “Jet Fuel” (via WBZ-TV): ‘€œIf I looked at our team and what they accomplished last year, they’€™re one game away. They’€™re one game away from going back to the NBA finals, and I think they win it. This year, put a little ‘€˜Jet Fuel’€™ into the mix, and I think we have the team.’€
  • On clutch genes (WBZ): ‘€œWhen the game is on the line, I’€™ll be right there willing and ready to take and make the big play. I want it — want it. It’€™s just something I’€™ve done throughout my career. You can never have enough guys at the end of a game to go to to be able to win the game for you. I think with us, we have three or four guys that can get it done.”
  • On signature looks (via Boston Herald): ‘€œNo question, the high socks and the headband. Can’€™t play without them.’€
  • On championship guarantees (via Herald): ‘€œAfter the conversation I had with KG after I signed with Boston, I felt something and I knew. I knew with the players we had, the roster that Danny Ainge put together, Doc Rivers guiding us, we’€™re going to win again.’€
  • On Celtics tradition (Herald): ‘€œEasy sell. [Rivers] didn’€™t have to do much. If you’€™re any NBA player and you think about the Boston Celtics organization, you already know the history. You know what their organization’€™s all about, and it’€™s winning championships. So how do you not want to be a part of that? Then you look at the roster. … I mean it’€™s just an easy sell. Ray Allen leaving, even if Ray Allen would have stayed, it would have been an easy sell for me to become a Boston Celtic. .’€‰.’€‰. It’€™s just some phone calls that you don’€™t turn down, and Boston was definitely one of them.’€
  • On role playing (Herald): ‘€œWe haven’€™t even talked about what my specific role is other than that, ‘€˜I want you to be a leader. I want you to do the same things you did in Dallas. Don’€™t change your game and we’€™re going to be all right.’€™ But as far as starting or on the bench, my preference, it doesn’€™t even matter.’€
  • On relationship building (Herald): ‘€œLook at Avery Bradley, who’€™s one of my guys from the Seattle area who I’€™ve really seen him grow and progress from high school on up to now. So he and I have a great relationship. Paul Pierce, I’€™ve known him for years. I’€™m a huge fan of his. And then Kevin, obviously, competing against him all these years, even when he was in Minnesota, he’€™s just been easy to get along with.’€
  • On tasting titles (Herald): ‘€œWhere I’€™m at right now in my career — I can’€™t speak for the other guys — but where I’€™m at in my career, it’€™s about winning championships, and I got the taste. They let me taste it. They should’€™ve never let me taste it. And I got one, but as you know, the Celtics, they’€™re going for No. 18. And so I’€™m a big basketball fanatic. I’€™m a historian. I love the game, a student of the game. So I know what it means to put that uniform on. So I think we’€™ve got a good opportunity this year to win again.’€
  • On starting lineups (via “For me, in Dallas, it was like, they do the starters and everybody gets their name called. Well when you’re the sixth man, and they check you into the game, you get your own ovation. You get your own call-out. What better feeling is it than that? So, I relish in that. You know there’s no warm-up. Every shot is pressure, everything. You don’t get time to kind of feel out the game. You have to come in and be ready to play right now, and I love that challenge.”
  • On Sixth Men (ESPN): “Sixth man, it’s all about energy, effort, and enthusiasm, the three ‘E’s,’ and then, obviously, putting the ball in the hole. But, coming in and making an impact or an imprint on a game — every game is different, but there’s always a point in a sixth man’s role where he has to come in and be like, ‘Look, I’ve arrived. I’m here.’ Game-changer. That’s what the sixth man is.”
  • On riding pines (ESPN): “It’s very crucial that your bench players realize that it’s a long season and there’s plenty of minutes for everybody, and you’re going to be counted on at some point. You have a huge job to do, and that’s how you have to look at it, because it’s a team at the end of the day. You may have two or three superstars, but those role players are just as important as those two or three superstars.”
  • On consistent contributions (ESPN): “What I’ve done in my career is just consistency. You know, 15 and four or five assists. That’s a given. It’s going to be those nights when you go for 20 and 30, those are the special ones. But what I’m going to give you every night is 15 to 20 points, four to five assists, and I’m going to play my heart out on defense for you. I can’t change my game. I’m 13 years in the league, and I think my game fits very well with what they have here in Boston.”
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