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Irish Coffee: Greatest Rajon Rondo interview ever?

08.24.12 at 11:45 am ET

This is the greatest news to come out of Paris since Lance Armstrong won all those Tour de France titles. Um, I mean, nothing to see here. Nevermind. Let’s get to the real French lesson of the day.

In the search to find video of Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo‘s appearance at this week’s Obama Classic in New York City — discovering only two poor audio clips of Rondo discussing his reasons to support the President and the brutal slate of NBA point guards — I instead discovered possibly the greatest Rondo interview in history. This from a guy who turned an entire season of his interviews into the “Everybody Loves Rajon” sitcom.

Now, my French isn’t so good, but after the first dude says something about penetrating before mentioning Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, the next guy asks a question along the lines of, “You’re a pass-first point guard and a great defender, but you needed to relearn how to shoot. Did you hire a coach to improve your terrible jump shot?”

Rondo replied, “I’€™m still not where I want to be as far as shooting, but I just continue to work, and I think confidence is key. You have to shoot the ball. If you don’€™t shoot it, you won’€™t ever make it.”

The dude doesn’t let up, essentially saying, “Yeah, but still, defenders play three feet off you.” Then, Rondo gives a quick, “I’m free to shoot, I’m free to pass, I’m free to do whatever.” So much for the French fearing confrontation.

And who says the French lack manners? In this video, the press corps claps and cheers as Rondo repeatedly demonstrates his vertical leap in front of them. Good times all around. Let’s get some of these guys in the Celtics locker room this season. Awesome questions lost in translation and stupid human tricks for all.

Speaking of Rondo’s appearance at the World Basketball Festival in Paris, France earlier this summer, he’s literally becoming an international man of mystery. He’s flying to the Philippines for the Red Bull Skills Clinic in Manila on Monday, and he’ll be playing preseason games for the Celtics in Istanbul, Turkey and Milan, Italy this October. Not to mention he “may” participate in Kentucky’s Alumni Charity Game on Sept. 15 in Lexington.

Maybe someone can convince to send me as a foreign correspondent for these events, because if we don’t get to see Rondo interact with the Turkish and Italian media, we’ll all be robbed of one of life’s great joys.

UPDATE: Rondo’s in Japan. Screw it. Let’s just start a reality show: “Where in the world is Rajon Rondo?” We obviously have to get these guys to sing the theme song. Maybe Rondo could just answer questions from across the globe, as he appears to be doing as we speak on his Twitter account. Check out some of these gems.

(Have a question, concern or conception for the next Irish Coffee? Send a message to @brohrbach on Twitter.)

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