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Irish Coffee: Rajon Rondo continues bromance with Manny Pacquiao, wants ‘at least’ two NBA titles in next five years

08.28.12 at 9:50 am ET

We’ve already discussed in detail the bromance between Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao and the Celtics that they consummated after the C’s 2008 NBA championship victory. Naturally, since Rajon Rondo traveled to the Philippines on behalf of Red Bull, the Celtics point guard fielded a number of Pacman questions.

It was love at first sight. Or, as Rondo told ABS-CBN News, “I went back to the locker room, and I saw [Miguel] Cotto walking back, and then I saw Pacquiao come back and he was smiling. So from that point on, I started watching his fights and following him.”

How does Rondo love thee? Let him count the ways. “It’s his competitiveness. He works hard at what he does. “I’ve seen ’24/7,’ so I’ve seen the time that he puts in, and the dedication and the love and passion for his craft.”

The only thing Rondo said of real value to C’s fans came during an interview with InterAKTV: ‘€œI hope I can end my career as the greatest point guard in the history of the Boston Celtics.”

He expanded on this subject in an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN News in the Philippines.

  • On his goal: ‘€œIt is kinda too early to place my mark on where I am in Celtic history as a point guard. But hopefully, by the time I finish my career, I’€™d be the best to ever play for the Celtics.’€
  • On his future: ‘€œIn five years, I’€™ll be 31. Hopefully, I have at least, and I say at least, two more championships, maybe one. You never know. I expect to win every year I play.’€
  • On this season: ‘€œWe have the talent. … The team we have, the talent that surround me, the coaching staff, the organization, we expect to win a championship every year.’€

Considering Rondo owns the C’s top two single-season marks and already ranks seventh on the team’s career assists list after just six seasons (Bob Cousy 6,945; John Havlicek 6,114; Larry Bird 5,695; Bill Russell 4,100; Paul Pierce 3,935; JoJo White 3,686; Rondo 3,523), he certainly seems headed in that direction.

Honestly, if you were to bet on one point guard from Celtics history against all others in a game of one-on-one — King of the Rock-style — my money’s on Rondo. The same skills he’s been teaching at basketball clinics in Taiwan and the Philippines over the past few days (the Euro Step, the floater, dribbling and passing) are the same ones that would separate him from Cousy & Co.

“Everything I’m teaching here are game-time moves,” Rondo, who recently earned his first 90 video game rating by NBA 2K13 (just behind Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony) told The Philippine Star. “I use these depending on the situations on the floor and the opponent’s defense.”

Of course, no Rondo news would be complete without some classic Rondo behavior. His first order of business in the Philippines? Why, get a haircut and a shave, of course. He visited the Titan 22 barbershop and specialty basketball shoe store. “It was good,” he told ABS-CBN News. “It was very relaxing.” Good times.

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