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Bill Russell isn’t chasing ghosts

The news that the great Bill Russell [1] had recently undergone two heart procedures as reported by Peter Vecsey [2] came as a bit of a shock, but Russell is recovering and he talked to NBA.com [3] about that and more in a wide-ranging Q+A.

Russell explains:

Russell said that he wasn’t able to play golf or drive, depriving him of two of his favorite activities, but he added helpfully that with all that free time around the house he got to be a grouch.

He also offered his thoughts on LeBron James [4], the new-look Celtics [5] and even Jeremy Lin [6] for some reason, but there was one other part of the interview that caught my eye. When asked about the debate between the 1992 and 2012 Olympic teams he responded:

This is the best rebuttal to that particular pseudo debate that I’ve seen this summer. Not only is it self-explanatory, it also reveals a keen insight: The best player at any given time dictates the terms of the game. Whether it was Russell, Wilt, Bird, Magic or Jordan the sport belongs to them for a certain amount of time, however long or fleeting it may be. Comparing players from different eras may be an amusing diversion, but it ultimately accomplishes nothing and Russell — as we know — is all about accomplishments.

You can read the whole Q+A here. [3]