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Top 5 Darko Milicic quotes from Celtics Media Day

09.28.12 at 10:32 pm ET

Five highlights from Celtics center Darko Milicic‘s interview at the team’s media day in Waltham:

On his Celtics role: “I’€™m going to do my best to get my minutes, but like I said before, right now it’€™s not about me. It’€™s about the team, especially after getting released last season from Minnesota. I didn’€™t expect any team to come forward, especially because all the years I’€™m in the NBA there’€™s always something going on around me. After all that, the Celtics are a championship team that came up and took me, so it’€™s an honor. Whatever it takes. Doc [Rivers] is a great coach. A lot of experience. He’€™s going to fit me wherever I fit the best. I’€™m not going to complain about it. Whatever I need to do, I’€™m going to do it.”

On getting to Boston: “I fly from Serbia.”

On meeting Kevin Garnett: “I’€™m excited to learn from him, but I’€™m excited to learn from everybody else, because that’€™s what Boston is all about. It’€™s about teamwork. It’€™s not about one guy; it’€™s about everybody. It’€™s a team. Whatever my job is going to be ‘€¦ we have a championship team, so all the pieces have to be together on the same page, because that’€™s how the championships are won — by the whole team playing well.”

On draft day expectations: “Those guys from Detroit, they thought they needed me to be the second pick, but right now to talk about that it’€™s kind of different. For me, I stopped chasing the dream as being the second pick a long time ago. All I was asking the people from the NBA, my teams that I played for before, let me be the best that I can be. At the beginning, I didn’€™t have a chance. ‘€¦ For me, for people to say, ‘€˜Hey, you’€™re right, you should be the second pick,’€™ I’€™d have to have 50 points and 30 rebounds. Those guys are f@cking animals. LeBron [James], [Dwyane] Wade and all those guys [Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh], they’€™re great players, so for me to prove people wrong, I’€™d have to have 100 points and 50 rebounds a game. All I’€™ve been thinking in my career is that people let me be the best I can be, not be the second pick, just be the best I can be. In the beginning, I didn’€™t have a chance. I did make mistakes earlier in my career, but it is what it is right now. I never thought I would be here, playing with these guys for a championship. I’€™m going to do my best to stay here and fight for my position.”

On Rajon Rondo’s influence: “We already played two or three pickup games here the last two or three days. I played with him. It’€™s on a totally different level playing with him. It’€™s going to be fun playing with all these guys, but with him, especially an elite point guard like that who has unbelievable passes, he’€™s going to find you. If you’€™re open for a second, he’€™s going to find you. There’€™s no doubt. So, it’€™s great. It’€™s great playing with him already.”

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