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Top 5 Kevin Garnett quotes from Celtics Media Day

09.28.12 at 9:15 pm ET

Five highlights from Celtics center Kevin Garnett‘s interview at the team’s media day in Waltham:

On returning to Boston: “My No. 1 reason for coming back, obviously, was [Celtics coach] Doc [Rivers]. Doc being here is huge. I enjoy playing for him. The guys, the city, the fans here are by far the best fans that I’€™ve ever been a part of, and all that stuck with me — along with some family motivation and other things of that nature. … You want to be in a position where you can still contribute and still give something. I don’€™t know how [Celtics president] Danny [Ainge] talked me into three years. I’€™m enjoying my journey here. I know it sounds lame and kind of cheesy, but coming in here, preparing, doing what I love, all those put together is why I’€™m here.”

On Rajon Rondo’s leadership: “I think you see a bit of the changing of the guard with Rondo becoming our leader. It’€™s something that he’€™s heard. He and P [Paul Pierce] obviously are our captains, and I think he wants to be that. Like anything, man, when you’€™re a young player in this league, you want to establish yourself. I think he’€™s a leader, but he just didn’€™t know how to. I think the Big Three that was here was able to teach him parts of it. Obviously, he’€™s going to lead the way he feels, and he’€™s going to do what’€™s best for the group, the team, the guys.”

On Ray Allen’s departure: “I don’€™t have Ray’€™s number anymore. I’€™m not trying to communicate with him. I’€™m just being honest with everybody in here. It’€™s not that I wish him less than or whatever, it’€™s just what it is. I choose not to [communicate with him]. That’€™s a choice I personally made. I’€™m very close to Ray, I know his family, I wish nothing but the best for him and his family, I just made the choice to move on. That’€™s all. I’€™m focusing on J.T. [Jason Terry], Courtney Lee, the new guys that are here. … I wasn’€™t going to come here and answer a bunch of Ray Allen questions. I was going to obviously answer one time, and then focus on what’€™s right here in this gym and what’€™s present. That’€™s where I’€™m at.”

On team bonding trips: “I’€™m thinking about [2007 Celtics training camp in] Rome. There are a lot of parallels here to obviously ‘€™07-08 with the depth of the team. I see a lot of parallels from ‘€™07-08 vs. this year, so I’€™m just wondering if we can bond and come together and give each other to each other for the betterment of this whole goal. Obviously, it worked then, and we’€™ll see if it works now.”

On revenge against Miami: “It’€™s not just the Heat, but everybody. The goal here is to win it, man, and whoever is in the way of that is in the way. It’€™s just not Miami. It’€™s just not whoever. It’€™s the whole league. Obviously, they won it. They’€™re the champions. They’€™re the defending champions. I respect that. But along that road to the goal, whoever is in your way is in your way. It’€™s not just one particular team.”

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