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Leandro Barbosa

Leandro Barbosa

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  1. Hubsportsman Says:

    good luck to all these small school guys

  2. Paul V. Suffriti Says:

    It is definitely a crap shoot with players from small schools. Once in a while you can find a gem in the rough.

  3. Flipfou Says:

    great value with the small school guys

    Take Cruz for example….hope the Pats grab a few of ‘em…

  4. Benny Says:

    Yea, how about Jerry Rice!!  Didn’t he come from Miss Valley State??

  5. Dano S Says:

    My latest prediction is BB shocks Draft day by trading two number one picks and here is my latest Mock Draft 35.0   1) Morris Claiborne CB LSU (Best defensive player on board)
    2 ) Nick Perry DE USC  2) Cordy Glenn OL Georgia 3) Chandler Jones DE Syracuse
    4) Bernard Pierce RB Temple.

  6. BillTimko Says:

    Under the radar is not limited to small schools. RB Isaiah Pead from Cincinatti.

  7. Howard Beale Says:
    Read analysis about some of the players whose names are being thrown around in mock drafts in connection with the New England Patriots and who they may select come draft day.

  8. Bruinman86 Says:

    So are the Pats less likely to find steals these days now that there are more teams out there with former Pats staff and a similar value system for players?  (Pioti, Dmitroff…etc”)

  9. JesusPickSomeoneGood Says:

    We all know Bill is going to trade out of the first round and pick up some 2013 2nd and 5th rounders. LOL

  10. Enough with the Mock Drafts!!! Says:

    Mock Draft 3,053,759.1

    The Pats draft some players….

  11. Dano S Says:

    The drafting won’t begin for 28 days and look forward to it as its Christmas for NFL Fans.
    Mock Draft 36.0 For Pats. 1 Andre Branch DE Clemson 1 Kendall Reyes DL Connecticut
    2 Harrison Smith S ND 2 Jayron Hosley CB Virginia Tech 3 Taylor Thompson DE SMU
    4 Josh LeRibeus G SMU.Pats should look to sign free agent Running Back.

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