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Trade rumor: Celtics dangle Fab Melo ‘to fortify’ current roster

Celtics [1] president Danny Ainge has placed rookie center Fab Melo on the trade market in hopes of adding depth to his backcourt and bolstering the current roster, according to Yahoo! Sports columnist Adrian Wojnarowski.

Considering Melo has scored all of two points in eight minutes for the Celtics this season, making more headlines when he collapsed inside a folding chair [2] and suffered a concussion upon walking into a doorframe [3], his addition to the long list of available Celtics comes as no surprise.

After all, Rajon Rondo [4] (for Dwight Howard [5]), Paul Pierce [6] (for Josh Smith [7]), Kevin Garnett [8] (for Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan [9]), Jeff Green [10] and Brandon Bass [11] (for Smith [12]) have all been involved in various trade scenarios.