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Vitor Faverani is the best

09.30.13 at 10:50 pm ET

Vitor Faverani has a mohawk, and he is the best.

With five simple words, the bewildering Brazilian puts Boston on notice: “Not too much questions please.” Not only does Faverani understand English, he gets this Celtics media contingent. Not too much questions please, indeed.

Then, responding to a question about why he joined the Celtics, Faverani confounds everybody once again. “We go to the Cuban restaurant, so it’€™s easy,” he says. “When I taste the food there, I say, ‘€˜I want to stay in Boston.’€™”

Reporters wonder, “Did he understand the question?” Don’t worry. He did. “No,” Faverani says, “that’s joke.”

Celtics director of player personnel Austin Ainge tries to explain.

‘€œVitor has been playing professionally in Spain for a number of years,” says the son of Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge. “He was a draft prospect when he was at the age of the draft, and he’€™s just kind of over the last few years really worked hard and got himself in shape and played better. …

“He did a couple workouts around the draft time in the U.S., and he came here, and we were pretty high on him, and he had his agent here, they were both here, and we said, ‘€˜All right, what does it take to get it done? Let’€™s get this done right now.’ And we kind of hashed it out real fast before he could get in a bidding war.”

But Faverani tells a much better tale, because he is the best.

“It’€™s not difficult, you know?” he says. “It’€™s not difficult coming here. It’s the best team in NBA. It’€™s very important for me. So, when I came here for perhaps my first time, I think I want to stay here forever.” That simple? “My manager say, ‘€˜The Celtics want to sign you,’€™ and I say, ‘€˜Yes.’€™ Fast. I didn’€™t think too much.” That simple.

“I don’t know,” he adds. “I can’€™t explain for you, you know? It feel like dream. For me it’s a dream put this t-shirt.”

But why this t-shirt? Because Brazilians Leandro Barbosa and Fab Melo wore it before him? “No,” says Faverani. “It not help me decide to come here. The colors green, white, I told you before, it’€™s easy coming here. It’€™s the Boston Celtics, NBA. It’€™s the best team, so nobody helped me coming here.”

Well, one person did. ‘€œI love legends here, like Larry Bird. I love Larry Bird.’€ You see? Vitor Faverani is the best.

“My playing style?” he asks, adding, “I’m a center. No more.”

Ainge disagrees. “He loves to hit. He’s physical. He comes in and makes things happen and instigates contact, and he can step out and shoot 3’€™s. He’s a pretty good passer from the high post and runs the floor pretty well.”

“I don’€™t know,” Faverani returns. “I play physical plays. I like passes, I like dunks, I like to play pick-and-roll. This is basketball, so I think I play in Spain like this, and I hope I can play here, too.”

And how much will he play? “I try to do my best here. I try to play my minutes and my role.” Too much questions.

This is basketball, and Vitor Faverani is the best. Or, as he’s known abroad, El Hombre Indestructible. “I don’t know who put the nickname for me,” he says, “But I’m happy, because I like this name.”

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