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Vitor Faverani update: Still the best

When Vitor Faverani introduced himself to Boston [1], we discovered that the only true center on the Celtics [2] roster is, simply, the best — a quote machine who declared the C’s “the best team in NBA” and stated his desire “to stay here forever.” See? The best. And after two preseason games, there’s no reason to believe he’s not still the best.

The 7-foot Brazilian’s English isn’t perfect, but he gets his point across. Faverani breaks basketball down to four things: 1) physical plays, 2) passes, 3) dunks and 4) pick-and-roll. As long as Celtics coach Brad Stevens [3] keeps giving him minutes, Faverani says, he’ll provide all four. And, really, what else do you want from a backup center?

“When coach Stevens gives me my minutes, I try to do my best,” Faverani said following Monday’s loss to the Raptors. “That’€™s all. I’€™m happy, and I try to do my best.” C’mon, now, isn’t he the best? I think he’s the best.

On Wednesday, Stevens fed Faverani more minutes, and he happily did his best. In 31 minutes in a Celtics uniform, he’s produced 13 points (6-12 FG), nine rebounds, two blocks, two steals and a plus-7 rating. He’s played physical, dunked aplenty and set a mean pick for two straight games. Other than a few nice outlet passes to Phil Pressey during that impressive fourth-quarter comeback against the Knicks [4], the only thing we haven’t really seen from him is the passing. But I’m sure that will come, too, because Vitor is the best.

‘€œI think Vitor’€™s a good player,” Stevens told reporters after Wednesday’s loss [5]. “He’€™s got good feel. You can run a lot of stuff to him. He’€™s a better shooter than he’€™s shooting right now. I think he’€™s got a pretty good ceiling, and he’€™s the guy on our roster that’€™s a true center, per se. He’€™s a guy that has to play, I think, as we move forward.’€

That means more physical plays, passes, dunks and pick-and-rolls. “I try to do my job,” said Faverani [6]. “My game is physical. I’m very, very comfortable here. I make the dunk and get back on defense.” Yup. Definitely still the best.