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Kevin Garnett’s camouflage capris could be yours

In classic Kevin Garnett [1] fashion, he didn’t even pack his clothes when he got traded from the Celtics [2]. Just up and left. Probably showed up in Brooklyn with a pair of mesh shorts, a basketball and a scarf. Oh, those scarves [3].

Those scarves might be yours at SportsWorld, the local memorabilia shop charged with selling KG’s wardrobe [4] for $50 an item. Of course, you could have his Concord home, too, but that $4.85 million price tag is a little steep.

Besides, think of all his memorable duds. That Gino t-shirt [5]. The suits he wore for his introductory press conference [6], the ESPYs [7] and yelling at Ben Gordon [8]. That Hawaiian shirt [9]. His professor jacket [10]. Anyone for tennis attire [11]? A feather boa [12]. DJ Lance Rock costume [13]. Camouflage capri pants [14]. All [15] those [16] v-neck [17] sweaters [18]. And [19] cardigans [20]. And the Mr. Rogers look [21]. All amazing. All potentially up for grabs.

Something tells me the fire sale doesn’t include his $2,000 chrome heart hipster glasses [22], five-figure diamond earrings [23] or six-figure Aire’s Traveler watch [24], but I call the frying pan he used to make those famous tortillas [25].