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Gerald Wallace loves calling out his teammates

10.22.13 at 5:11 pm ET

After the Celtics lost their sixth game in seven preseason tries, Gerald Wallace wasn’t a happy camper.

‘€œWe’€™re not playing with effort,” Wallace told reporters after Sunday’s defeat. “Guys are out there being selfish.”

Well, isn’t that nice. Despite skipping the introductory press conference upon being traded to the Celtics, reporting last to the team’s offseason workouts and then explaining on Media Day, “You never want to go to a team that’s starting a rebuilding process,” Wallace actually cares about the C’s performance this season. By all accounts, he’s a “110 percent” guy, offering Kevin Garnett-esque effort regardless of practice, preseason or actual NBA action.

As such, he’s comfortable questioning anybody’s lack of effort. Of course, that works when your an established Hall of Famer on a title contender. It may not go over so well when you rip a young team adjusting to a new coach.

I enjoyed Wallace’s explanation Tuesday: ‘€œIt’€™s nothing critical toward my teammates. It’€™s for the whole team.” Well, then, that’s better. It’s not just one or two guys. It’s everyone. Except Wallace. And apparently Jeff Green?

‘€œWe can’€™t allow teams to play harder than us,” said the guy whose effort last season was constantly criticized by Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge. The Celtics reportedly responded with their best practice on Tuesday, but if effort is an issue before the season has even started, when guys are competing for starting spots and backup roles that haven’t been announced yet, it’s not likely to just go away, especially since this team hasn’t lost its last game.

After all, Wallace expressed similar sentiments last season on a Nets team that won 49 games.

“Guys are content with the situation we are in, and I’m [expletive]-ing pissed off about us losing, especially losing the way we are losing,” he told New York Newsday’s Rod Boone after a December loss to the Bucks.

A month later, after losing a third straight meeting against the Heat, Wallace told the Brooklyn media: “We didn’€™t actually lose in those games. We got our asses kicked in all three games. They dominated us. Any sport you measure yourself against the champions and it’€™s been embarrassing all three times.”

If that sounds familiar, maybe it’s because you (should) follow’s Jay King on Twitter.


Somewhere, Ainge is smiling, visions of Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker dancing in his head.

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