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Celtics, for the last time: Jordan Crawford

10.30.13 at 4:08 pm ET

One of the most unpredictable Celtics seasons in recent memory begins Wednesday, and in order to determine the likelihood of each player reaching his full potential, we’ll be examining them individually in this year’s Green Street preview with one form of this question in mind: “When’s the last time ‘€¦ ?” Next up: Jordan Crawford.

When’s the last time an immature young guard saw the NBA light?

Barring the great 2003 NBA draft, every June last decade featured a young guard who declared early and subsequently tumbled down the draft for any number of reasons that fall under the category of “immaturity.”

2001: Joseph Forte
2002: Qyntel Woods
2004: Delonte West
2005: Nate Robinson
2006: Marcus Williams
2007: Javaris Crittenton
2008: Mario Chalmers
2009: Ty Lawson

And in 2010 that guy was Jordan Crawford — he of wearing weed socks to practice, practically falling asleep on the bench and mocking Carmelo Anthony after sitting throughout a playoff game fame.

Just for fun, let’s see how each of those guys matured by Jordan’s current age of 25.

Forte: Out of the league, but not before wearing a Scooby-Doo shirt to a Celtics playoff game.
Woods: Out of the league, partly because of running a dogfighting ring out of his house.
West: Submitted his best season as a member of the Cavaliers. (P.S. Arrested on gun charges at age 26.)
Robinson: Traded twice between his 25th and 26th birthdays, contributing to C’s 2010 NBA Finals run.
Williams: Out of the league, relegated to playing in Russia.
Crittenton: Out of the league, indicted on murder and gang-related charges.
Mario Chalmers: Emerged as the starting point guard of the two-time NBA champion Heat.
Ty Lawson: Submitted his best season as a member of the Nuggets.

As you can tell, these guys have had their ups and downs, and Crawford hasn’t had the legal troubles many of these guys have experienced (well, unless you count the whole allegedly stealing a cell phone in college thing), but he has already played for three teams in his first three seasons.

The best comparison here is probably Nick Young. One’s called Swaggy P and the other Steez, and both have horrible shot selection. They were even Wizards teammates once, but that didn’t end well. However, Young enjoyed his best season at age 25, averaging a career-high 17.4 points, albeit on a lottery team.

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