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Jeff Green, Gerald Wallace: ‘Cocky’ Celtics not ready

The Celtics [1] fell behind by 10 within the first five minutes and never led the Bobcats. Not good.

Afterward, Jeff Green [2] (team-high 19 points) said the Celtics “just didn’t come out ready.”

Meanwhile, Gerald Wallace [3] (10 points) offered a few Gerald Wallace-isms in dubbing the “cocky” C’s “passive,” too “cool” and lacking “oomph.” “It was just like we were just chilling.” Hey, at least they weren’t selfish.

“We can’t take anyone lightly,” he said. “Regardless of who they are, we’ve got to understand that this is the NBA and those guys play just like we play. … It’s already hard to win. Anybody’s capable of winning any night, but you give yourself less of a chance of winning when you come lackadaisical and expect to win.”