Rob Gronkowski seduces Padma Lakshmi on ‘Top Chef’ without even trying

By Jerry Thornton on December 17, 2014 at 1:59 pm ET

Rob Gronkowski: Tight end. Model. Cat enthusiast. Linguist. International superstar. Lover of beautiful women. Is there nothing he cannot do?

And now to his resume we can add: Gourmand. This is so typical Gronk. Charming the apron off a Washington Redskins fan who hates the Patriots while Padma Lakshmi is in no uncertain terms throwing herself at him on national TV. I mean, did she even realize the cameras were on? Can I call you Rob? Will you call me Honey? She’d like a big sausage, too? I’m 90 percent sure that she got pregnant right about the time he said, “Stop embarrassing me, Honey.” I can only hope when they got down on the kitchen floor and started doing it, the chefs cleared out of the room. Though who am I kidding? I wouldn’t have.

Now we can look forward to Bill Belichick showing the video during this week’s film session. On the field and off, Gronk is the gift that keeps on giving.