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Celtics captain Rajon Rondo on Valentine’s Day, trade rumors, Mexico and snowboarding (seriously)

02.13.14 at 1:45 am ET

As Kris Humphries left on Wednesday night to begin a six-day NBA All-Star break leading up the Feb. 20 trade deadline, he gave his best to some of the team’s locker room attendants “in case I don’t see you again.”

Likewise, rookie Kelly Olynyk wanted to make sure Phil Pressey didn’t leave Chris Johnson hanging on a high five because “you never know what day will be your last.” (Pressey left him hanging anyway.)

But Rajon Rondo — the subject of so many trade rumors surrounding this team — kept a poker face. As if Rondo has another face. “I don’t watch TV,” he said of handling the uncertainty of his team’s future and his future with the team. “It’s been like that my last eight years as a Celtic. Until the trade gets pulled, I’ll play as a Celtic.”

Still, while Rondo hears the rumblings — Jeff Green to the Hawks and Brandon Bass to the Warriors, Bobcats or Suns — he knows not to trust a word, because he’s seen every other member of the 2008 championship team leave that locker room and never come back with little warning (see: Perkins, Kendrick).

“There are only two guys maybe that are in the rumors,” said Rondo. “As far as us, just play the game. Guys that aren’t in rumors, sometimes their names get called. We have a pretty young team, but for the most part, we don’t talk about the trades or anything that could happen, because you never know. It’s part of the game.”

Instead, he’ll use the All-Star break to rest his sore right knee for whatever the second half of the season may bring. Or, as the Celtics captain said, “I’m just going to chill — take a trip at an undisclosed location.”

Some part of Rondo must wish he was partaking in the festivities down in New Orleans. After all, he’s been selected to the All-Star Game each of the past four seasons, participating when healthy from 2010-12. “No,” he said.

Well, maybe the NBA asked him to participate in some capacity. Perhaps the skills competition? “No.”

Surely, he would have accepted the offer if it had been expected. “No,” he persisted. “I need the rest.”

Rondo wished rookie Kelly Olynyk and sophomore Jared Sullinger the best in Friday’s Rising Stars Challenge, but it didn’t appear he had all that much interest in watching. “That’s Valentine’s Day, right?”

As long as we’re off the subject of basketball — because why talk hoops after losing to the Spurs bench — Rondo answered a question about which event at the Winter Olympics he would like to enter in typical Rondo fashion.

“Maybe snowboarding,” said. “I don’t know how fast they’re going. That’s the scary part about it. You’ve got to be a little crazy to do that. I think it’s fun. I’ve never even watched them, but this year in particular I’ve watched a lot of the winter sports. It’s very unique. I’m sure they may look at us the same way, but what those guys do, you can’t duplicate and try on your own. It’s just something they’re professionals at, and they’re very good at it.”

What about curling? “No. That’s pretty hard. That’s kind of hard. I don’t know. I wouldn’t win, but I’ll compete.”

Rondo answered these question about the Winter Olympics about as seriously as one can discuss snowboarding and curling, which is somehow a commentary on the state of this Celtics locker room. Strange times ahead.

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