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Irish Coffee: Boston and The Kevin Love Freedom Tour

06.02.14 at 10:40 am ET

Indulge me for a moment. If you were Kevin Love, the hottest NBA name not still playing basketball, and you were looking for a vacation, as Timberwolves president suggested over the weekend, would you come to Boston?

Don’t get me wrong. The Freedom Trail, Fenway Park and Newbury Street make for a nice little weekend and all, but if you’re looking to escape the never-ending trade rumor mill, wouldn’t you prefer an all-inclusive resort in, say, Hawaii over clam chowder and a Sam Adams? He’s got a nine-figure payday coming soon, after all.

Hey, maybe he’s a nerd at heart, trying to discover analytics at Harvard that can take his game to the next level.

Maybe the folks at Newbury Comics hooked him up with an early copy of the new 50 Cent album dropping Tuesday.

Maybe he heard Boston has better Irish bars than Minneapolis and just wanted to try the Guinness at Lir.

Maybe The Punisher made Kevin Love come to Boston.

Maybe Nick Varano funded the trip after realizing there was a celebrity he hadn’t taken a picture with yet.

Maybe he realized Hawaii doesn’t have a monopoly on hot chicks with specs appeal and midriff tattoos.

Maybe they’re finally shooting a sequel to “Twins” in Boston, and these two are trying out for Danny Devito‘s role.

Maybe he bought a new scarf, and Hawaii just doesn’t quite have that nip in the air at night.

Maybe he just needed a quiet little restaurant on a Sunday, like the Cask ‘n’ Flagon during Red Sox pregame.

Maybe he enjoys creepy dudes interrupting his lunch.

Maybe he just happened to bump into Rajon Rondo at the Sox game.

Maybe he loves baseball, and the Twins were out of town.

Maybe he just really likes hanging out with his agent, Jeff Schwartz, who just so happens to represent Paul Pierce.

Maybe he just happened to bump into Rob Gronkowski after the Sox game, too.

Maybe Boston girls are a bit more touchy feely.

Maybe he thinks this is Tony Parker, and he thought he was in San Antonio for the NBA Finals.

Maybe this was a business trip, and he was looking for advice from Big Papi on the real estate market.

Or maybe, just maybe, the Celtics have the best offer on the table, and Love wants to scope out the city he could call home for the next six seasons before agreeing to an extension and allowing both sides to get a deal done.

Nah, that can’t be it. He’s probably just visiting Boston during a period in which he’s essentially demanded a trade from the Timberwolves, and the asset-rich C’s just so happen to be rumored among the leading contenders for his services. That’s got to be it. Nothing to see here. Move along everybody. Kevin Love isn’t coming to the Celtics.

P.S. Kevin Love is totally coming to the Celtics.

P.P.S. Nice work by whoever arranged for Love and Aubrey O’Day to cross paths on Friday night. It’s not like she’s a Celtics fan or anything. Well played, Danny Ainge. Well played. Your move, Oakland and Houston.




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