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Celtics rumors: Isaiah Thomas tweets an hourglass emoji, someone notes it looks like Paul George’s shoe logo, world ends

02.22.17 at 3:27 pm ET

Today’s installment of “Emoji’s with I.T.” is an hourglass.

Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas set Twitter atwitter earlier this week when he posted an eyeball emoji, which some took to mean a Celtics trade was imminent. Thomas was up to more mischief on Wednesday, posting an hourglass and then leaving us to our own devices.


Could he simply mean that the clock is ticking to Thursday’s NBA trade deadline? Nah. More than 8,000 retweets later, we have a better theory:

As observant tweeter Johnny Nup notes, if you turn a pair of Paul George shoes sideways, the Pacers star’s logo looks remarkably like an hourglass.

Ipso facto, the Celtics must be close to a deal for Indiana’s All-Star.

Right? Right?!? RIGHT?!?!?!?!

About 24 hours remain in silly season.

(By the way, for more on Thomas’s mystery tweet, check out Alex Reimer on the Mashup Blog.)

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