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Adrian Wojnarowski on M&M: ‘Good chance’ Celtics retain Ray Allen, Dwight Howard ‘not going to Brooklyn’ 07.03.12 at 12:14 pm ET
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Yahoo! Sports NBA writer Adrian Wojnarowski appeared on the Mut & Merloni show Tuesday to discuss all things NBA, including trade rumors involving Dwight Howard and the future of Ray Allen. To hear the interview, go to the Mut & Merloni audio on demand page.

Wojnarowski said that if the Celtics are indeed offering Allen a two-year deal worth $12 million, that it puts them in a favorable position to get him back, but he didn’€™t cross off other potential suitors. One team Wojnarowski doesn’€™t think will land Allen, however, are the Grizzlies, who were reportedly asking about Allen during the trade deadline.

‘€œWhen Boston and Memphis talked about a deal at the trade deadline that fell apart, I know that Ray was not excited about being sent to Memphis,’€ Wojnarowski said. ‘€œEven though they’€™re a playoff team, he didn’€™t see it as a very desirable location at that time. ‘€¦ I think geography is important to Ray and his family being geographically being closer, that’€™s why I thought the Knicks could be a possibility because of that, and obviously Miami’€™s intriguing because he knows he has a chance to be on the big stage to win, Mike Miller‘€™s future is very much in doubt there.

‘€œThe fact that Boston has shown, if they are at two years, $6 million per, which I think is comparable to what I’€™ve been hearing of what Jason Terry is being offered by teams around the league, then I think that gives Boston a good chance to be able to retain him.’€

Wojnarowski doesn’€™t think a rumored poor relationship with Rajon Rondo will deter him from signing with the Celtics, but he thinks it is a factor in the decision.

‘€œThe thing with Ray and Rajon which I think has been there, the one thing people have always said to me, in that locker room and in the organization is, whatever issue they may have had with each other, with personalities, they never carried it on the court,’€ Wojnarowski said. ‘€œIt never was an issue on the court, which at the end of the day is all that really matters. So only Ray knows how much of a factor it is. I think it is a factor, but I don’€™t think it’€™s enough of a factor that it’€™s driving him away or would drive him away. ‘€¦ Ray Allen is not going to leave Boston because he doesn’€™t get along with Rajon Rondo.’€

Wojnarowski also touched on the Howard saga. The unsatisfied All-Star center is reportedly being shopped in a potential trade with the Nets, but Wojnarowski doesn’€™t think that’€™s going to happen.

‘€œHe’€™s not going to Brooklyn. It’€™s very unlikely. Orlando’€™s not interested in accommodating what Dwight wants,’€ Wojnarowski said. ‘€œThey’€™re willing to make the deal that they think gives them the best return. Last year, when teams wanted to take Dwight as a rental, he had the real threat of, ‘€˜Hey, if you trade for me at the trade deadline or before the season or whatever it would be, I’€™m just going to go to Brooklyn as a free agent because they have cap space.’€™ He doesn’€™t have that threat anymore. The Nets are loading up all their cap space as we speak.’€

Added Wojnarowski: ‘€œWhat team out there has cap space next year that would be appealing to him? Now Atlanta has been talked about a lot the last couple of days because of all the money they’€™re getting off, but listen, a big part of what Dwight has been doing here in wanting to get to a big market, specifically New York or LA, is his Adidas deal is worth two, I’€™ve been told even three times more by being in New York or LA. So going from Orlando to Atlanta, while it’€™s his hometown and Josh Smith is a close friend, and maybe it’€™s appealing on some levels, it’€™s not going to give him the pay day that he’€™s been looking for here.’€

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Gerry McNamara on D&C: Fab Melo’s potential is ‘scary’ 07.03.12 at 10:45 am ET
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Syracuse assistant basketball coach Gerry McNamara joined Dennis & Callahan on Tuesday morning to talk about former Orange players Fab Melo and Kris Joseph, both of whom selected by the Celtics in last week’€™s NBA draft. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Melo, the 7-foot-0 center who the Celtics took with the No. 22 overall pick, is just scratching the surface of his potential, according to McNamara, who saw signs of his development during his two years at Syracuse.

“He’€™s very early, really, really early in his career and really I think just started to play the game within the last four or five years,’€ McNamara said. ‘€œ[It’€™s] kind of scary potentially to think what Fab can do really with what he did in one year of development with us.’€

McNamara believes the presence of veterans on the Celtics, especially Kevin Garnett, will aid in Melo’€™s development and maturity.

‘€œHe’€™s going to be playing with some of the best that have ever played, especially when you talk about Kevin Garnett and what he’€™s been able to do in the game and from his position and his intensity,’€ McNamara said. ‘€œSo I think from a development process, that’€™s probably one of the best guys he can be around. I think that’€™s the biggest thing is, just the intelligence level. The intelligence level of the Boston team is such a high IQ team. It might take Fab a minute to really adjust to that, but if you’€™re going to be around that, you want to be around the best and he certainly is.

‘€œI think that’€™s really the stage of where he needs to develop. He’€™s going to develop. He’€™s going to develop offensively, I think defensively he’€™s already ahead of the curve, but as far as the IQ stuff, the X’€™s and O’€™s things, I think he’€™s around great people that will help him ease into that process.’€

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Five worst Celtics draft day moves of Danny Ainge era 06.27.12 at 7:20 pm ET
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When Danny Ainge was hired as Celtics president of operations in 2003, he inherited a team on the upswing that had just come off of a pair of playoff exits following six straight seasons missing the playoffs.

Nine years later, Ainge has become known across the league for his bold decision-making, something that has helped the Celtics rise back to the elite of the NBA over the last five seasons. But despite the success, it hasn’€™t gone without some controversy and questionable moves.

As Ainge enters his 10th NBA draft in the Celtics front office, here’€™s a look at the top five worst draft day moves Ainge has made and how they’€™ve panned out.

5. J.R. Giddens, 30th pick, 2008 ‘€“ Heralded as one of the best scorers in the 2008 draft class, Giddens simply just never panned out in the NBA. Considered to be a potential replacement for Tony Allen, who eventually left the Celtics in free agency, Giddens couldn’€™t live up to the defensive standards that Doc Rivers stresses and never received much playing time.

It didn’€™t begin well for Giddens, who declined to participate in minicamp after being drafted because he hadn’€™t agreed to a contract. After finally signing, the 6-foot-5 guard was put on assignment with the Utah Flash of the NBA D-League before getting called up to the Celtics in February 2009. He saw very limited action and saw eight minutes during the season.

In 2009-10, Giddens saw an increased role but still didn’€™t see much playing time. He played 4.7 minutes per game in 21 appearances, which even included a start on Jan. 2, 2010. He scored a career-high 10 points and posted nine rebounds against the 76ers on March 19, 2010, as a member of the Knicks after being traded by the Celtics. For his career, Giddens averaged 1.9 points, 1.4 rebounds and 6.5 minutes per game.

Where is he now?: On Feb. 18, 2010, Giddens was traded by the Celtics as part of a deal that sent him, Bill Walker and Eddie House to the Knicks in exchange for Nate Robinson and Marcus Landry. He saw an increased role with the Knicks but chose to leave the NBA after the season to pursue a career overseas. He spent 2010-11 in Poland before signing with PAOK Thessaloniki,  in Greece, where he currently plays.

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Five best Celtics draft day moves of Danny Ainge era 06.27.12 at 7:05 pm ET
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When he was hired as Celtics president of basketball operations in 2003, Danny Ainge was asked to bring the team back to its glory days from when he was a player on the team in the 1980s.

It may have taken a few years to fit the right pieces together, but it’s hard to argue Ainge’s success in his nine-year tenure as president. He’s made some questionable decisions, but he’s also responsible for bringing the Celtics their first championship in over two decades. With the NBA draft taking place Thursday night, here’s a look at five of Ainge’s best draft day moves.

5. Kendrick Perkins, 27th pick, 2003 ‘€“ In the same deal that brought Boston one of its most disappointing acquisitions of the Ainge era in Marcus Banks, the Celtics also acquired Perkins, who proved to be one of the Celtics’€™ most valuable additions of the Ainge era. After barely getting playing time during his rookie season, he slowly moved into the rotation and developed into a dominant defensive center who repeatedly shut down the league’€™s best big men.

After Mark Blount was traded in 2006, Perkins became the regular starting center for the Celtics. He went on to start 78 games in 2007-08 and was a big contributor to the championship team that season. He was such a key contributor that in 2010, when the Celtics reached the NBA finals again, his inactivity in Game 7 after tearing his MCL and PCL in Game 6 has been argued to be the reason why the Celtics didn’€™t win their second championship in three seasons.

Where is he now?: Perkins was traded to the Thunder in 2011 in what is considered to be a questionable move by Ainge. Perkins signed a multi-year extension with Oklahoma City and this month made an NBA finals appearance against the Heat.

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NBA Draft’s Potential Celtics: Marquette G Darius Johnson-Odom 06.27.12 at 11:45 am ET
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As part of’s coverage of the 2012 NBA draft, we are profiling all players considered likely candidates to be drafted June 28. The Celtics own three picks: 21, 22 (from the Thunder in the Kendrick Perkins trade) and 51.


Position: Shooting guard

School: Marquette

Age: 22

Height: 6-foot-2

Weight: 215 pounds

Achievements: 2012 All-Big East first team, 2012 All-America honorable mention (AP), 2011 All-Big East second team

Key 2011-12 stats: 18.3 points, 38.5 3-point FG%, 44.7 FG%,

What he brings: Johnson-Odom brings a ton of speed, especially in transition, which he can use to create easy scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. He can score in a number of ways effectively — in transition, driving to the basket and from the perimeter — which is a reason why he was able to rank second in the Big East in scoring this season.

As far as weaknesses go, Johnson-Odom is considered undersized for his position at 6-foot-2 and at times he lacks point guard instincts and the ability to create for others, which will likely land him as an off-the-bench, role-playing 2 guard at the next level. What he lacks in size he can make up for in a high basketball IQ and his ability to score from the perimeter, but he might struggle trying to score inside against much bigger NBA players.

Where the Celtics could get him: Johnson-Odom is expected to be a mid-to-late-second-round pick.

Notes: In the second round of the 2011 NCAA tournament, Johnson-Odom knocked down a 3-pointer with 26 seconds remaining to seal a 66-62 victory over Syracuse and send Marquette to the Sweet 16.

Recent articles:

Chicago Tribune: Marquette’€™s Johnson-Odom avoiding projections

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: MU duo try to impress at NBA combine

USA Today: Marquette’€™s Jae Crowder, Darius Johnson-Odom senior leaders

Video: Here are some highlights of Johnson-Odom during his time at Marquette, starting with some ferocious dunks.

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NBA Draft’s Potential Celtics: Serbian G Nemanja Nedovic 06.24.12 at 7:52 pm ET
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As part of’s coverage of the 2012 NBA draft, we are profiling all players considered likely candidates to be drafted June 28. The Celtics own three picks: 21, 22 (from the Thunder in the Kendrick Perkins trade) and 51.


Position: Point guard

Team: Red Star Belgrade (Serbia)

Age: 21

Height: 6-foot-4

Weight: 195 pounds

Key 2011-12 stats: 6.7 points, 1.4 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 17.8 minutes

What he brings: Nedovic possesses solid fundamentals and excellent athleticism that could help him excel at the next level. At 6-foot-3, he is a natural ‘tweener combo guard who could take up either position in the NBA. His vertical leap (measured at 41 inches last year) stands out in his game as well as his ability to drive the lane and finish at the rim, which is something scouting reports indicate he could excel at in the NBA.

Despite his strengths, Nedovic’€™s weaknesses significantly hurt his draft stock and may keep him from getting drafted. His ball-handling skills and court vision — both important skills for an NBA point guard — are fairly weak and are compounded by the fact that he lacks a consistent jump shot. His quickness and athleticism allow him to be a consistent defender, but his weaknesses may ultimately be Nedovic’€™s demise.

Where the Celtics could get him: Nedovic is expected to go late in the second round or be undrafted.

Notes: A native of Serbia, Nedovic was as a member of the Serbian U-20 national team in 2009, 2011 and 2012. He is on the preliminary list of 24 players who will participate for FIBA EuroBasket 2013 qualification.

Video: Here are highlights from Nedovic’€™s 2011-12 season with Red Star.

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NBA Draft’s Potential Celtics: Georgian F Tornike Shengelia 06.24.12 at 9:44 am ET
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As part of’s coverage of the 2012 NBA draft, we are profiling all players considered likely candidates to be drafted June 28. The Celtics own three picks: 21, 22 (from the Thunder in the Kendrick Perkins trade) and 51.


Position: Small forward/power forward

Team: Charleroi (Belgium)

Age: 20

Height: 6-foot-9

Weight: 228 pounds

Key 2011-12 stats: 8.3 points, 4.3 rebounds, 45.2 FG%

What he brings: Shengelia brings a lot of energy to the floor and possesses upside both at the offensive and defensive end. Although he’€™s 6-foot-9, he can play on the low post and with his back to the basket as he has an array of moves and excellent footwork. He’€™s also a very solid rebounder and has the ability to see the floor and pass with ease to his teammates.

Shengelia displays tremendous size and has the versatility to play both small forward and power forward in the NBA with his combination of strength and agility. He has a high motor that helps him get end to end fairly quickly and crash the glass with efficiency. He pulled down 9.2 rebounds per 40 minutes in the Euroleague, which is one of the toughest leagues in the world.

Shengelia’€™s worst attribute appears to be his outside shot, which he hasn’€™t been able to hit with consistency. That will likely need to improve at the next level for him to see the floor consistently as a role player. Defensively Shengelia is solid but will need to improve there as well to reach his full potential.

Where the Celtics could get him: Shengelia is projected to be a mid-to-late-second-round pick.

Notes: Shengelia is a member of the Georgian national team. ‘€¦ He played consistent minutes in 2011-12 for the Belgian club Spirou Basket Charleroi in the Euroleague. ‘€¦ He finished second in camp MVP voting at the adidas Eurocamp in 2012.

Video: Here’€™s a closer look at Shengelia in action with the Georgian national team.

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