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About those wet spots 01.25.10 at 11:19 pm ET
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Before the game even started, the Clippers were not happy with the condition of the floor at TD Garden Monday night. After warmups, the players told coach Mike Dunleavy of their concern. The floor was slippery in spots, particularly under the basket in front of the Clippers bench.

“They brought the captains in,” Marcus Camby said. “They brought me, Paul [Pierce] and Kevin [Garnett] and Doc [Rivers] and Mike. It was very slippery out there. I thought it was just one area, but it was all over the floor. I think it was the ice, the humidity in the gym that combined to [cause it].”

The game was delayed for several minutes in the first quarter while the arena crew feverishly mopped the floor. The crew continued its work during timeouts and when the action was on the other end of the floor. According to Rivers, the game was close to being called at one point.

“You know, [referee] Joey [Crawford] was terrific,” Rivers said. “Mike and I came together. We, at that point, were very close. The next guy, if anybody slipped in the next two minutes, the game was over. And Joey was going to make that call. Mike said the same thing. We said almost simultaneously, ‘We can’t afford a guy to get injured on this floor.’ ”

(Click here to listen to Doc Rivers’ complete analysis of the wet floor.)

Camby was not happy with the way the situation was handled.

“Oh my goodness,” Camby said. “We were all slipping. It seemed like every Clipper was slipping, then when Ray Allen slips, they want to bring it in and address the issue. So that’€™s what we were chirping about. It was kind of dangerous out there for both teams.”

“Terrible,” was how Rasheed Wallace summed it up. “Terrible. I think it was condensation from it being a little warm outside and it was warm in the building with it still being winter. It made it a little slick out there. Had to play cautiously the whole game. You can’t put them brakes on when you want to because you don’t know if you’re going to slide. Saw a couple of guys slipping out there like Peggy Fleming. It’s part of it when you play in arenas that have ice under the floor.”

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