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Celtics deny Marv Albert’s accusation that they use artificial crowd noise; what do you think? 01.25.13 at 11:15 am ET
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In the midst of the Celtics’ fifth straight loss on Thursday, TNT broadcaster Marv Albert made multiple comments that the Celtics were pumping fake crowd noise into TD Garden, noting that the cheering seems disproportionately loud when many fans are sitting down.

Do the Celtics use artificial crowd noise at TD Garden?

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During a drawn-out discussion about the subject, Albert told analyst Steve Kerr: “It’s artificial. It’s absurd. And they do it here all the time.”

Albert pointed out what he felt was taped applause after a Paul Pierce basket, and he noted that there were fake boos as well: “First it was cheers. And then when Carmelo [Anthony] got the ball, there’s no question someone touched a button [for boos].”

The Celtics tweeted a denial of Albert’s accusations, insisting that the team has never used artificial crowd noise.

After the game, Albert tried to play down his comments.

‘€œIt seems that way, but they say no,’€ Albert said after the C’s 89-86 loss to the Knicks. ‘€œThere’€™s times when it seems like there is suddenly a bump in the sound. But I really don’€™t want to make a big deal out of it.’€

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