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Name That NBA Tweet: Celtics vs. Suns 01.28.11 at 6:09 pm ET
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Welcome to “Name that NBA Tweet” — the game show where everybody’s a loser (including the host)! If you didn’t catch the first season over on LEEInks, here’s the deal: An athlete or celebrity posted the following 140-character thought on his/her twitter account over the last week. This week’s episode features a Celtics vs. Suns theme in anticipation of Friday’s game. It’s your job to figure out who produced these Shakespearean efforts.

1. “I’ma go home and sit by the fire and drink some hot cocoa. And listen to some John Denver!!!”

– Glen Davis or Justin Bieber?

Davis is Big Baby. Bieber sings “Baby”. Both have been known to dance the Dougie.

Answer: Click here.

 2. “Gotta pick my girls up early from a half day of school. How good were half days?!!”

 Steve Nash or Ice Cube?

Cube messed around and got a triple-double, while Nash once recorded a triple-double in a playoff game.

Answer: Click here.

3. “Thank you for all your well wishes. I AM slowly coming out of this thing. It has been truly, truly brutal.

– Jermaine O’Neal or Dr. Drew?

Drew is recovering from Leptospirosis. Jermaine is recovering from Oh-my-knee-itis.

Answer: Click here.

4. “What did everbody think about Obama’s State of the Union speech he just finished?”

– Jared Dudley or Shannon Elizabeth?

Dudley played alongside Sean Williams at Boston College, while Elizabeth played alongside Sean William Scott in “American Pie”.

Answer: Click here.

5. “WELL THIS IS SUNDAY … so let’s all give a big shout out to GOD … and LOVE.”

– Nate Robinson or Kirstie Alley?

Robinson has won three dunk contests. Alley has probably won at least that many pie-eating contests.

Answer: Click here.

Thanks for playing again, folks. Two more terrible Twitter puns: If you got four or more wrong, you’re a Twignoramus; if you got four or more right, you’ve got Twisdom. Until next week, and, as Bob Barker said, “Have your pets spayed or neutered!”

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